U.S. Masters releases the Hornet advanced set-neck guitar

The unique Advanced Set-Neck structure of U.S. Masters’ new Hornet gives it pitch stability, sound quality and dynamic response that rival other set-neck guitars. It is fully made in the USA in U.S. Masters Middleton, WI facility. At $1,495 street price, it is one of the best values in a truly American-made electric guitar.

Hornet advanced set-neck guitar

The Hornet’s proprietary MapleCore neck has a mahogany skin over a quartersawn rock maple interior that runs the length of the neck. It is further reinforced with a carbon fiber structure and is adjustable with a 2-way truss rod. The neck is extremely strong, rigid and stable, so it stays in tune, will remain straight and true, and maintains adjustment even with wide shifts in temperature or humidity. It provides stronger attack, longer sustain, clearer tone and more dynamic response than conventionally constructed set-neck guitars, especially those with mahogany or similar necks. U.S. Masters’ MapleCore necks design also helps to eliminate the hump that occurs over time in the fingerboard of most set-neck guitars where the neck joins the body.

U.S. Masters’ Interlocking Set-Neck Joint is another proprietary feature of the Advanced Set-Neck design of their new Hornet guitar. The neck and body mechanically interlock in 3 dimensions with the greatest amount of direct surface contact between neck and body of any set-neck joint they know of. This provides the best coupling of neck to body available, providing unmatched strength, structural integrity and sound quality. It also allows for a smaller neck joint which gives players better access to the highest frets on the fingerboard.

U.S. Masters’ Hornet is equipped with precision American-made Sperzel Locking tuning machines, high-end German fretwire, a Graph Tech Black Tusq XL nut, and Tone Pros Locking bridge and tailpiece. The standard pickups are U.S. Masters’ V2 custom humbucker set which provide greater articulation and extended response while also providing more flexibility in tailoring your sound. The Hornet features a mahogany body and a 24-3/4” scale, 22 fret bound ebony fingerboard with a 12” radius. It is available in a wide range of high-end quality high gloss finishes.

The meticulous craftsmanship and advanced design are evident in the feel and sound of the Hornet. U.S. Masters’ special manufacturing process and structural design makes the neck and fingerboard exceptionally true so the height and shape of the frets remains uniform along the entire neck. The detail, finish work and accuracy of the fretwork is first rate. And, because of the rigid design, the action can be set low and easy without buzzing. Every Hornet is professionally set up and tested at the factory and is ready to play out of the case.

U.S. Masters’ Hornet includes a deluxe hardshell case – $2,450 MSRP, $1,495 STREET PRICE

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