V-Picks releases Ruby Red Series guitar picks

These gems are made of the same fantastic, cast acrylic material as the other V-Picks. Same gripping action, wear resistant, fast action, and tons of tone. But these are even cooler because they are clear Ruby Red. Designed by Mrs V herself in celebration of 2009 and everyone finally being healthy in the Smith family! She worked quite some time with the R&D department to come up with this very unique looking guitar pick. These colored picks are a result of listening to our players and trying our best to always give them what they want and need. It is a limited run and only 500 of each model were made.

We have 8 different models in this cool look:

– Small Pointed

– Medium Rounded

– Medium Pointed

– Large Rounded

– Large Pointed

– Freakishly Large Rounded

– Screamer

– Acoustic

For more information, please visit www.v-picks.com

This is a Press Release

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