V-Picks releases the new Dimension guitar pick

Designed in honor and in celebration of Michael “Muddy” Lawrence, V-Picks just released their newest, most innovative model yet, The Dimension Guitar Pick.

Cut from the same measurements as a SNAKE, and 4.10mm thick. This is the first Hybrid style V-Pick to be put into production. 2 rounded corners and 1 pointed corner. The pointed end is sharp and plays much like the Screamer. Also, as requested by Micheal, this pick is left unbuffed. So, you get the rough, mat finish all the way around the edge. This creates a very unique tone and effect. In the 80's I used to play some of my V-Picks unbuffed like this to get the effect of Brian May and Billy Gibbons. They both play with coins, as you know.

They do this to create an effect that is much like a human voice. Rather than just hear the note or tone, you also hear the movement of the pick. It is like hearing consonants and vowels when a person talks. It is great expression and excitement. The V-Pick Dimension creates a wonderful “whoosh” sound that adds a lot of character and can really make you stand out in the mix. I have always felt that this is a good way to come up with your own signature sound, by adding that extra something that no one else has. The slight scrape sound created by this pick is something extra and very special. In other words, you'll get attention if you play the Dimension.

The rounded corners are great for getting “that buttery sound”. Just spin the pick around and Voila! A new and different pick! It really is an “all in one” guitar pick.

The Dimension is also available in a buffed version. Same as the regular Dimension, only this pick is flame polished and then hand buffed as well. It has the same feel but it does not have the “whoosh” sound as it's sibling does. A wonderful pick for Blues, Jazz, Rock, Metal and Country.

For more information, please visit www.v-picks.com

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