VHT introduces the Lead 40 tube guitar amplifier

VHT has announced the release of the Lead 40, a powerful 2-channel all-tube amp perfect for both classic and modern overdriven tube tones. The Lead 40 has been carefully designed and tested in VHT's Brisbane, CA workshop.

The Lead 40 is a powerful 40 Watt RMS 2-channel amp with separate Clean and Overdrive channels. It has reverb and a master volume. Both channels have a shared EQ. VHT engineers have carefully voiced both channels so that they can effectively share the EQ. When switching channels, the frequency response is unaffected, so no EQ adjustment should be required when channel switching.

The VHT Lead 40 is based around the same design as VHT's Lead 20, with double the tubes, providing 40 Watts RMS from 4 EL84 tubes. The cabinet is fitted with one 12″ Celestion G12H30 speaker and one 12″ VHT Special Design speaker, deliberately chosen for their complementary sound. The Celestion's great midrange sound fits perfectly with the VHT speaker, which has been specially designed to reinforce the highs and lows of the amp. An 11-ply birch plywood cabinet covered in classic black tolex houses the chassis and speaker.

The VHT Lead 40 is a loud, great sounding, versatile amp. The Clean channel stays crystalline until it is turned all the way up, when it starts to color the sound with a little grit. The Overdrive channel picks up where the Clean leaves off, allowing for a highly overdriven, crunchy sound perfect for today's modern rock music.

The VHT Lead 40 lists for $1699.99 and is available now.

For more information, please visit www.vhtamp.com

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