Vibesware Releases GR-Junior – A New Compact Guitar Resonator

Markus Pahl, CEO of Vibesware, dropped us a line this week to tell us about their new GR-Junior Guitar Resonator. Markus also lays claim to being the inventor of the Guitar Resonator.

Guitar Resonator

Guitar Resonators are effect devices for guitar feedback playing first introduced in 2008.

It agitates one or many strings by way of a magnetic field from a driver mounted on a stand.

It works with every guitar that has steel strings and pickups. Acoustic guitars with piezo's can also use a Resonator. You don't need to modify your guitar in any way, which is a point of difference from guitar integrated sustainers.

The new GR-Junior has a compact design. It concentrates 3 Watt Resonator Power in a small enclosure at the gooseneck which also includes input/output plugs. It has a slider switch for harmonic mode switching and a blue status LED at the Resonator head.

Markus says Vibesware developed this new model to provice an easy to use universal “feedback tool” especially for home recording.


“To offer many features of the GR-1 with a low price point is what the target was and we feel we hit the mark with this product. There is no other tool on the market which provides natural feedback while playing normal with both hands, at any sound volume and without the need to modify your guitar. One target application is direct recording the guitar signal into the PC using guitar amp modelling software combined with the GR-Junior. By this natural sounding amp feedback becomes available for home recording which cannot be created by guitar amp modelling at all”, says Markus.

The GR-Junior is now shipping for 139 EUR.

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