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    Hi there all, I have a vintage suzuki 730 acoustic guitar in great condition and its time to pass it onto the young fella so I took it to the local shop to get it up to scratch for him, the dealer said I should trade her in for a new one he offered me 0 for the trade in. I have done some research on the net and can only come up with the same model being sold at an auction house last year. (no price on the outcome of the sale). so my question is the dealer offering a fair price as he seemed keen to take it off my hands rather than restringing and tuning it. Any info on the guitars replacement cost or worth would be much appreciated.

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      New Suzukis range from mid to quite high priced. I couldn’t find the 730 but the model 700 has five reviews on Harmony Central. A 70s, Japanese, nylon strung with a ply or laminate body, most people picked them up for just a few dollars but like playing them.

      If yours is a ply body, then $80 is not a bad offer but have a look for a local luthier or repairer and ask him/her if it’s worth setting up.

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