Visual Sound VS-XO Dual Overdrive

Visual Sound expands their line of stompboxes with the new VS-XO, featuring two separate Overdrive effects in one unit.


The pedal has two channels that offer distinctly voiced overdrive, with each channel having independent control and connectivity.

The right channel is the more complicated overdrive of the two. Basic controls for Drive, Tone and Volume, are provided as well as a smaller Clean Mix knob. More tonal flavors are provided by the pedal’s 3-way Clipping (diodes) switch, giving you a variety of sounds to work with. A 3-way Bass switch, ideal for matching your guitar and amp, provides advanced tone shaping. The right channel is described as having “pronounced mids without being honky”.

The left channel behaves more like an amp rather than a pedal. It has the same basic controls for Drive, Tone and Volume while carrying a tone that is described to have “flat” middle frequencies. This channel lets you shape the bottom end further with its dedicated Bass knob.

The VS-XO Pedal has two switches that let you engage each channel or use them both. This allows for a wide range of sounds from subtle to complex dual overdrive tones.

Other premium features of the pedal include traditional looking foot-switches with gold-plated relays designed by Bob Weil, and quiet circuit operation as invented by RG Keen. There are also internal switches for engaging Pure Tone Buffer on or off, which utilizes True Bypass.

Visual Sound summarizes: “The VS-XO is a tone-experimenter’s dream pedal. The sound options are nearly endless. If you use a switching system or want to change the order of effects, no problem… separate Ins and Outs allow for that. If you just want to plug one cable in and one out normally, you can do that too. And since we didn’t skimp on anything having to do with reliability, the new VS-XO is covered by the Visual Sound Lifetime Warranty.”

The VS-XO Premium Dual Overdrive pedal is set for release this month. Pricing information will soon be available. You can visit Visual Sound for further details.

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