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    Anyone played one of these new Vox AC30’s yet? They moved production from Milton Keynes (Marshall amps) to China to cut down on costs (what else?) and of course pass those savings onto the consumers, But they dont seem to be all that much cheaper, the old AC30 fitted with Blue alnico speakers retailed at around £1099, the new one is with the blues is £849 a saving of £250, but if you add in the fact that the Celestion Blues are no longer made in UK (i think it was the last surviving brit made Celestion) but it also is made in China, and considering the brit made Blues were £189 each to replace, then the saving doesnt seem to be that much, im sure the chinese can make these like they can every other Celestion speaker for around £55 each, makes you wonder where all the savings went?, ive yet to play one but i have my suspicions about quality control, and component quality too.

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      i liked the look of the WEM more than the traynor, i let the traynor go, and then the WEM starting going on the simmer, 7 bids at over the £100 and 4 days to go, maybe the old Mallard flare had been fired above ebay, this one looks like it will run on a bit.
      for a cheap SG check out
      im very tempted at that one, but i think the guy is going to pull the auction.
      Im with you on the because it’s made in Korea it must be crap front.
      but i realy have my doubts about this chinese AC30, Blue alnico celestion production was moved to china about 6 months ago, ive not heard them but everyone who has expressed an opinion has not been impressed, and as for the component quality, can you see Korg importing superior quality stuff or just buying up the local low quality circuit board furniture? , i want to have a go at playing one but ive not seen them in the shops yet, just have to wait.

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      Lee, I’ve been meaning to reply and finally got through the gremlins. Funnelly nuff, this came up on the (forgive me, Michael) Plexi Palace forum Marshall thread. A Vox poster took some flak for liking the CC, but he reckoned he saved enough to buy some decent blues, and prefers it over his own JMI.

      It’s only one op, of course, (YMMV etc) but I do ‘perk’ if someone posts “I own x and y and actually prefer y” compared to the billions of “y isn’t made in Britain or the USA so it must be cack” replies. Who knows? Not me, for sure (my ears fall in above 1kHz 🙂 ) . Personally, I prefer to buy Britamps at reasonable prices but they’re getting harder to buy (any joy on the Traynor/WEM front, btw?) and I can’t totally dismiss something just because it’s built somewhere else.

      If you can stomach it, have a look in. I’ll try and dredge up the thread-head to save you looking. Real juicy flame-handbag-war, if you like to read that sorta thing 😆

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