VOX AC4TV MINI Now Shipping

VOX have released their All-Tube Mini Amplifier the AC4TV MINI.

Legendary VOX vintage tone – preserved in the definitive mini tube amp.

The AC4TVmini joins the AC4TV, AC4TV8 and AC4TVH as the newest – and most diminutive – member of the modern AC4 family. Based on the popular VOX AC4 from the 1960s, these all-tube practice amps have been factory-modded with a premium transformer and select components for optimum tone. Equipped with an original VOX design 6.5″ speaker, the AC4TVmini is an easy way to enjoy the serious vintage sound you expect from VOX.

The original AC4, reborn with today's technology

The AC4TVmini improves on the hardware of its vintage counterpart. This up-to-date Class A version retains the distinctive EL84 power tube of the original and features a 12AX7 powered pre-amp, delivering the pure British tone that's loved by all. By adjusting the volume and tone settings, you can create a broad range of tones – from a sweet, clean sound to that distinctive VOX overdrive sound.

Front View of the AC4TV MINI

Switchable output level: Crank it up and turn it down!

In the past, the only way to obtain great-sounding distortion using a single volume knob was to simply crank the volume. The AC4TVmini provides an attenuator switch that allows the output power to be set at 4 Watts, 1 Watt or even 1/10th of a Watt. This convenient and ear-saving feature allows the AC4TVmini to create a real, musically satisfying distortion – even at the lowest power setting. You'll be able to enjoy playing to your heart's content with your favorite tone late at night, in your dorm room – wherever! Extremely portable, the AC4TVmini is also ideal for recording, jamming with friends, rehearsals, and more.

Top View of the AC4TV MINI

Small and stylish

Today's modern AC4 Series – including the AC4TVmini – borrows the retro-chic “TV” front styling that first appeared on the classic 1958 AC15. This vintage VOX design is still in use on today's AC15HTV from the VOX Heritage Collection. Stylish, clean, and classic, the AC4TVmini will look great anywhere your music takes you.

For more information visit www.voxamps.com

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2 thoughts on “VOX AC4TV MINI Now Shipping”

  1. Re: VOX have released their All-Tube Mini Amplifier the AC4TV MINI.... VOX AC4TV MINI Now Shipping
    Ray Burton

    I play through a VOX AC15CC1X amplifier with custom tubes that I imported from Germany. It has the legendary celestian blue alnico speaker and this, my favourite amp, screams if you want it to, or it can be as retro and mellow honey centered chocolate. I highly recommend just about any of the VOX amps so this new practice amp will no doubt be great too. I have two old VOX practice amps but I might have to sell them both and get this new VOX AC4TV MINI. Why? Because I want it NOW! Hey, VOX ROX!

    Ray Burton

  2. Re: VOX have released their All-Tube Mini Amplifier the AC4TV MINI.... VOX AC4TV MINI Now Shipping

    I’ve bought this amp a couple of months ago ‘coz my good old AC30 was useless in my flat (“Too much ‘A’ class for the neighbourhood” uhuhuhuh !).
    I think it’s a good little amp, good soundind and good looking for a cheap price(around 250€ in France). The attenuator works fine but the sound is a bit “ducky” when I turn it to 1/4 and crank up the volume. In the contrary the bright sound is very clean and closed to the AC30. I’ve tried several of these small amps before choosing the AC4 and I find it’s the best choice one can make (sound, power, attenuator, classic look).
    I advice it to all my friends who’re looking for a home amp.
    I only regret the cheap knobs, and the cheap tubes loaded… but I know it’s a budget amp that I’ll probably get modified.
    I guess a historic handwired model made in England would be a good idea… but much more expensive !!


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