Vox adds Tonelab ST to Valvetronix pedal line

VOX Amplification introduces the latest addition to their popular ToneLab line of Valvetronix multi-effects modeling pedals: the ToneLab ST. This compact tone machine features an assignable expression pedal and two footswitches for live performance control. Guitarists can create 50 of their own programs or use any of 50 new preset programs, including 20 “song specific” presets for recreating the sound of classic rock songs.

Unlike other modeling units, the Valvetronix Series features a real 12AX7 vacuum tube (valve) to accurately capture the tone quality of a tube-driven amp. In addition to 33 amplifier recreations, the ToneLab ST also provides accurate simulations of 11 distinctive speaker cabinets. The cabinet and amp models can be mixed and matched to suit the user's preference. Twenty-five popular effects are included, ranging from classic “stomp-box” pedals to studio-quality rack-style effects.

The ToneLab ST also serves as a full function ASIO-compatible USB Audio interface, providing a direct connection to computer-based recording software. ToneLab ST Program Librarian software (Mac or PC) is available as a free download at the VOXwebsite. Other connections include a line output that can be set for recording use or for feeding into an external amplifier, as well as a line input for jamming along to CDs, MP3 files, etc.

A chromatic tuner is built in, and it can be accessed silently during performance. The road-ready casing is made of metal, and the large LED display offers high visibility.

The VOX Valvetronix ToneLab ST will be available in late April with U.S. MSRP pricing of $275.00

For more information, please visit www.voxamps.co.uk

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