Vox Mark III and Mark V

Vox brings back their odd shaped classic electric guitar – the teardrop shaped Mark III and the pentagon shaped Mark V.
Vox Mark V Vox Mark V

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Last year, Vox released the Apache series of travel guitars that carry the same two unique shapes, they ultimately paved the way for the reintroduction of these classic Vox electric guitar models. The Mark III and Mark V first appeared in the ’60s, and have made an impression to many players thanks to their affordability and unique shape. Fast forward to today, vintage Mark III and V guitars are still in demand. Vox have had limited run re-issues of the said models, but have never really brought back the guitar into full production. This year, Vox has finally decided to get this guitars back in circulation, upgrading the instruments to meet modern guitar player needs. Noticeable changes include the addition of a tremolo arm to accommodate modern playing techniques, and the use of three single coil pickups for a more versatile tone palette. The guitar’s finish options matches the sonic improvements, letting you choose between traditional sunburst to a wide selection bright solid color hues.
Vox Mark III Vox Mark III
Both the Mark III and Mark V feature a basswood body and hard maple neck combination. They come with a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets. Controls include a master volume and master tone knob, along with a 5-way pickup selector. Check out the new Vox guitars in action:
The Mark III is available in white, seafoam, salmon red and 3-tone sunburst, while the Mark IV comes in white, seafoam, salmon red and black. These new guitars are expected to fetch a retail price of around $510. Visit Vox Amps for more information. Related Articles: Vox Starstream Type-1 Best Electric Guitars Under $1000 Check out our roundup of top electric guitars for under $1000 guitar effects See our roundup of the best guitar effects – Single Pedals – Multi Effects – Guitar Processors.

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