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    Anyone heard of them? Not JTM45 clone makers as some may think, but a huge range of amps built by Ted Wallace over a 40 year period!
    Ive just read an article in this months Guitarist mag, in the ‘Oldies’ feature.
    They were Valve amps mainly catering for the session player and recording artist, the construction and wiring were a ‘peice of art’.
    He did valve heads and cabs and they all looked very similar in appearance, quite basic looking ‘with a complete absence of useless decoration found in commercial equipment’ thats what the brochure said.
    Production was from 1935-1975 and all the amps were hand built by Wallace, he only employed one other person to build the wood cabs.
    They were virtually noiseless and a lot of film studios used them to warm up digital recordings, they are also very clean sounding and are favoured by Bass players. You dont see many coming on the market, as people that own them tend to keep them, so next time you are on ebay…
    or Loot…..
    Must admit, i’d never heard of them til i read the article.

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