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    I have a Washburn guitar, model#V600, or possibly a W600 (difficult to read the letter), about 1972-1973, with gold tuners, mother of pearl inlay, ash top, matching rosewood back. Appears to be similar to a D42 Gibson. Cannot find in any books. Need information and value. Thank you.

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      Hi Sarah,

      To my knowledge no one has put together a vintage guitar site devoted to Washburn instruments. I’ve got a few Washburn catalogs on my site but most of it is 1980’s material. I’ll be a little more optimistic than lee_UK and suggest you might hope to get $300-$325 US for your instrument but Lee’s fundamental message is correct. The world was flooded with inexpensive Japanese acoustic guitars in the 1970’s and these days supply is generally much greater than demand unless you’ve got something really special. I bought my little Yamaha F series guitar in the early 70’s and I still have a vivid image of the acoustic guitar room in my local music shop being covered on all walls with Japanese import acoustics. And I’m talkin’ setting sideways in bins, not hanging on the wall. Lot’s of Folk singer wannabes without much money in those days and I was one of them. I still think I look a bit like Neil Young! Good luck with your info. search. SB

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      Not heard of that model, but if it’s japanese it should be a half decent instrument, if it is of any great value it should be one of the listed guitars on the various 70’s jap guitar websites, but i cant find reference to it, so i wouldnt have thought it was a long lost masterbuilt Washburn, Value wise it’s hard to say, i wouldnt expect to pay more that $250 (£130) for a mid 70’s jap accoustic.
      Good luck on the search.

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