Way Huge launches the Angry Troll

The mighty Angry Troll from Way Huge Electronics serves up gorgeous portions of volume and gain to pummel the input of your amp with up to +50dB of gain. It adds bite and punch while transforming your mild mannered tone into a beastly sonic onslaught!

The Angry Troll’s two controls interact like a vintage mic pre amp. The Anger knob—a rotary switch with six Fists of Fury positions—adjusts the amount of gain created by the Troll’s op-amp, while the Volume knob regulates the overall output level. High grade components are used for a precisely tuned circuit that works like an extension of your amp. Another tone monster from the mind of Mr. Huge!

– Delivers up to +50dB of boost

– Precisely tuned to work like an extension of your amp

– Adds a little dirt at higher settings

– Heavy duty foot switch with quiet relay based true bypass

– High grade components for low noise operation

This is a Press Release

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