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    If it’s arleady been done, how about wierdest instrumental songs? My vote’s for “Ya Yo Gak” by Steve Vai

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      and here’s a link to glw’s Floyd:Small Furry Animals suggestion.

      I would’ve made it outright winner, except some knobhead ad-exec decided that something similar would sell Samsung cellphones if linked to Beijing Olympians snapping their swimming goggles on… or something.

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      Ah, good to see MMM move in and split this good idea (TY, Mike). Here’s a YooToob link to Penguin Cafe Orchestra’s “Music for a Found Harmonium”:

      I’m going to check out Hocus-Pocus-Focus-Yodellus right now, although I do remember it. I suggest all links are worth clicking on; this could be a fun thread.

      (PS: “I have some wierd friends” has always bothered me, but I thought I was the only one. Weird is spelt how it sounds, if anyone’s interested, and the “i before e” rule means squat 😆 )

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      “Malediction” by the monks of the Abbaye de St Boss-Rolandos….


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      1 name, 1 word, Oldfield and Bells, and the ‘i’ is before the ‘e’ that album was so good he had to make it 3 times.

      but seriously if you want expert musicians without the egos ( i still think of ‘The egos have landed’) then follow this link:

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      Hmm…have to start digging for the really weird stuff but:

      ‘Moon Turn the Tides…gently gently away’ by the Jimi Hendrix Experience is a good start, although it is really the ‘ending’ of 1983.

      And I won’t mention all the Trip-hop stuff I’ve got, cos it’s all samples but the Beastie Boys play all their own instruments (with a friend on Violin)…so:

      ‘Eugene’s Lament’ by the Beastie Boys.

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      Sorry ’bout that, I’m a straight A student, yet I can’t spell worth a damn

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      “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict” by Pink Floyd gets my vote.

      (Oh, and if I’m allowed to join 1BL in being anal, then can I point out that it is spelt weirdest with the E before the I. All that “I before E except after C” stuff they taught at school was a pile of crap because it only works in 50% of cases.)

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      Although not strictly instrumental – it does contain some yodeling, vocalized gibberish, and……whistling – Hocus Pocus by Focus is a really weird mostly instrumental song:

      Warning: this video my cause seizures!

      My college-days band did an extended version of this tune; and I fondly remember playing long, angry solos in the Phrygian mode. Actually, the main chord progression is the Phryian mode.

      My same university-town band also did a 10 minute version of Pink Floyd’s Interstellar Overdrive, but I’m not sure if that song is really weird or not. Our interpretation probably came across as being fairly strange.

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      Good idea, split as requested.

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      Now that, Starcaster, is a good idea for a thread. I go for “Music for a Found Harmonium” by Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Gets used for TV sometimes. Weird instrumental tracks thread, anyone? I say yes – let’s split off a new thread if there’re enough takers.

      And (I know this is really anal) it’s batten down the hatches, Lee. I come from a naval family, perhaps even a navel-gazing family but, anyhoo, a conductor’s wiggly-stick doesn’t feature in the phrase.

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