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    I have a 1967 Silvertone 4 string bass and when I got it the most of the paint was gone due to the former owner not taking care of it. in an effort to save the integrity of it I refinished it in white. Does anyone know how much this would take the value down on this thing. I checked ebay but there are none that have been refinished. I did manage to save the spot on the head stock that has the numbers on it…. so that it can still be ID’d, and it still has the ” Silvertone” emblem on the front of the head stock.

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      The Blue Book of Electric Guitars states that a professionally refinished guitar is worth 50-60% of a guitar with original finish. Of course, rarity of the model plays into this equation but this rule of thumb should give you some idea of the impact of a refin on value.

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