Woody Guthrie London House Model Southern Jumbo

Gibson honors folk music legend Woody Guthrie by building guitars made from the wood of his childhood home.

Gibson Woody Guthrie London House Model Southern Jumbo

The limited edition Woody Guthrie London House Model Southern Jumbo is hand built using wood from Woody’s boyhood home, The London House, in Okemah, Oklahoma.

To create this special guitar, Gibson teamed up with “This House is Your House”, giving Gibson’s luthiers the clearance to incorporate parts of the London House into 8 instruments. The non profit organization says: “Tailored from wood carefully extricated from the first floor joists of Guthrie’s childhood bedroom, this is the actual wood that created the home where Guthrie began his journey into becoming the man we all know and love… and a man who defines the spirit of the American artist.”

All eight guitars will feature solid AA-Sitka spruce top and solid Honduran mahogany back and sides that follow Gibson’s Woodie Guthrie Southern Jumbo signature guitar design. To makes each one even more special, luthiers from Gibson’s Montana acoustic facility crafted the fingerboards and bridges from the red oak floor joists of the London House. This means that each time you fret the guitar, you are literally fretting on a historic piece of wood!

Gibson wrapped the guitar with a vintage sunburst finish and equipped it with period-correct fire stripe pickguard. Other features include a solid mahogany neck with vintage V profile, split-parallelogram fretboard inlays and traditional banner headstock decal. The guitar is meant to embody the best of golden age in American acoustic music.

Gibson brands CEO Henry Juszkiewicz said, “Gibson is proud to have the opportunity to honor the great Woody Guthrie by hand-making these eight outstanding guitars. Woody Guthrie and his legacy hold such an important part in musical history and acoustic music as a whole. We are honored to partner with the This House is Your House campaign to help restore the home to its former glory so that generations to come will be able to honor his legacy and artistic genius.”

These exclusive collectible instruments will go on auction on May 1, 2014 at 10:00am EST. The company assures that all proceeds from the auction of the eight guitars will go directly to Woody Guthrie London House, Inc., to help in reconstructing and preserving the folk artist’s childhood home.

Visit This House is Your House for more information.

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