Yamaha CGX102 Classical Guitar

Yamaha introduces the CGX102, an affordable nylon-string classical guitar that comes with a built-in pickup system.

Yamaha CGX102 Classical Guitar

The CG series of classical guitars are quite popular with classical guitar students, now Yamaha releases an acoustic-electric model for convenient amplification when used on stage or for recording.

The CGX102 follows the same design as the Yamaha’s best-selling Concert series shaped guitars, it is distinguished only by the addition of a new preamp system.

The body of the guitar comes with a solid spruce top, while the back and sides are made of nato. The back and sides are designed to be slightly thinner in accordance to the CG design, and this modification is said to deliver improved response. The body is also wrapped in a thin finish that gives it a familiar Yamaha classical guitar look.

The neck is made of a combination of mahogany and nato, topped by a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard. It is slightly thinned and lighter in weight both for playing convenience and durability.

A somewhat un-classical feature of this new guitar is the inclusion of a System 68N preamp. This system comes with a Yamaha under-bridge piezo pickup and a preamp that lets you control the guitars volume and tone. You can shape the amplified tone to your preference by tweaking the three band EQ, while a variable midrange frequency gives you more control over the contour of your tone, and also helps in eliminating feedback in situations where high volume is required. The preamp also includes a nifty built-in tuner and a system mute.

Pricing information is not available at this time, but since the CG102 is Yamaha’s most reasonably priced classical guitar, the new CGX102 will probably be within the same price range. More information will soon be available at Yamaha.

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