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    I recently picked up a Les Paul copy guitar for 0. The seller said his dad had it from the early 70’s but doesn’t remember much more about. He was a Veitnam War Vetn and only talked war stories. It has nothing on it except for ZAPP on the headstock and the insignia much like I’ve seen on a 74 Gibson Les Paul. Can’t find any real info about this guitar. Anyone know anything about ZAPP guitars. Who made them etc? I took it apart fixed a few issues, resoldered a few wires, restrung and it works and plays pretty good. It is constructed fairly solidly but not much of a wood expert to know what it may be made of. Any info would be appreciated.

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      I am going to go look at a Zapp guitar later today. $300 or best offer. I thought it was a 73 Gibson if not for the Zapp label. Looks great in pics. The guy is selling all his gear. He said it plays as good as any Gibson. We will see. They made those Les Paul design for only 3 years I belive. 70-73. Then Zapp lost the company to his wife in a divorce. It destroyed him.

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      As I just posted on FB moments before seeing your post:

      OK, so it was like 1985 or something. Someone (I know who!) broke into my Burlington, VT apartment while I was at work and stole my black ZAPP Les Paul copy, 150w Peavey amp, Morley power-wah-fuzz pedal, miscellaneous cords, some old clothes, and a quart Ball jar of pennies and nickels (?). Has anyone ever seen a ZAPP guitar? Probably a Japanese or Korean knock-off. This one had just had some major work done to it, including refretting, brass nut, tuners, bridge (I think), and all new electronics except for the stock pickups which were the most screaming wormholes of eternal distortion my mind still bends in admiration. Love to find’er… :/

      Does this guitar have a brass nut? I can’t really think of any other distinguishing features, but it was heavy (like a real Paul). Where did you buy it?

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