Choosing The Best Acoustic Guitar Case

These select acoustic guitar cases will give you one less thing to worry about when traveling with your precious instrument.


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Since acoustic guitars are fragile, soft gig bags are out of the question. Your safest option is to get a roadworthy hard case, one that can handle the rigors of land, sea and air travel, protecting your precious acoustic guitar from disintegrating into expensive firewood during transit.

If you don't travel far and you prefer something softer and lighter, the hybrid "semi-hard" / lightweight case is a great alternative. It has the sturdy frame of a hard case without the heavy hard shell covering, making it easier to carry around while compromising some outward ruggedness. It does make a great storage case as long as you do not stack heavy items on top of it.

Other things to consider are locks, durable straps, sturdy handles and plush inner linings. Keep in mind that the cases we feature will sometimes have different models or shapes to fit different types of acoustic guitars.

Hard Shell Acoustic Guitar Cases:

Hard Shell Cases are made of various materials, most common are the traditional wood shell tolex cases. Modern cases feature hardened and molded shells that specially fit the shape of the guitar. These cases are extremely sturdy and will give you worry free travels with your guitar.

Gator GPE Dread TSA

Gator GPE Dread TSA Guitar Case

Gator is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in instrument cases, with a long list of users and artists that include Animals as Leaders, Meshugga and more. They have some of the most reliable guitar cases that are reasonably priced. Case in point is the GPE Dread TSA, an affordable flight-ready guitar case from Gator. Designed to meet the latest airline safety requirements, this hard case is perfect for frequent flyers and it also works just as well as a sturdy and reliable storage.

To keep your guitar secure, the case comes with TSA approved impact resistant zinc plated latches. This ultra-secure latches combine with the military grade molded Polyethylene exterior resulting in a guitar that is virtually indestructible, and ready for the rigors of the road, seas and air. Other features include Ergo-grip injection molded handle, extended reach protective neck cradle and it comes with a luxurious looking crushed velvet interior. This guitar case is highly recommended!

Online Retail Price: $149.99 | Get the latest price & reviews at

Cordoba HumiCase Protege

Cordoba HumiCase Protege

While molded plastic cases are gaining popularity, they still have a long way to go before they beat the tried and tested protection and aesthetics provided for by a genuine wood hardcase. For this reason, guitar case manufacturers continue to produce these types of cases, with some like Cordoba adding some modern elements to make the case more useful.

The HumiCase Protege is a great example, it is a traditional case that comes with modern built-in humidification system. It has a special compartment over the soundhole that holds a humidifier pod that regulates the humidity inside the case, giving your guitar not a plush place to rest on with an ideal climate. The HumiCase Protege helps reduce the dangers of weather, temperature and humidity changes - and keeps your acoustic guitar from cracking and from excessive dryness. This one is highly recommended, especially if you consistently travel and experience different weather conditions as you play.

Online Retail Price: $125 | Get the latest price & reviews at

SKB iSeries Waterproof Acoustic Guitar Case

SKB iSeries Waterproof Acoustic Guitar Case

If budget is not a problem and you want to provide the best protection to your prized acoustic, then you might as well get the SKB iSeries Watarproof case. It utilizes military-grade materials and build to ensure that your guitar stays dry and in one piece - even in extreme conditions like unexpected drops, rain and spilled drinks.

Although a bit bulky, this acoustic guitar case offers the ultimate protection with its polypropylene copolymer resin exterior, able to handle impact, humidity changes and even pressure changes. To help with the added weight, the case comes with built-in wheels and a snap-down rubber cushion grip for easy handling. These characteristics make it ideal for long travels including out of country/state gigs that require you to take your guitar on a plane where the dreaded (mis)handlers don't care about the hard earned money you spent on your precious acoustic guitar. The SKB iSeries Waterproof is a true worry free guitar case, and should be part of your to-buy-list if you are considering to purchase or already own an expensive acoustic guitar.

Online Retail Price: $299.99 | Get the latest price & reviews at

Martin C630 Case

Martin C630 Case

C.F. Martin & Co's extensive experience and knowledge of acoustic guitar building put them in an advantageous position to build great acoustic guitar cases. And as expected, this old company is not one to shy away from traditional designs and apply modern technology even with guitar cases. The Martin C630 case is one such example, inspired by the company's traditions but built using modern materials and methodology.

This hardshell guitar case sheds off wood for a rugged thermal plastic exterior that offers improve durability and resistance to scratches and bumps. This ensures that both your guitar and the case does not get dinged as you travel to your gigs. Opening the case reveals a more traditional interior, featuring plush lining that will securely cradle your beloved axe and at the same time providing a nice contrast to the modern looking exterior. It also helps that this case has the coveted Martin brand name, of which people will surely anticipate you opening the case and playing your Martin on stage.

Online Retail Price: $150 | Get the latest price & reviews at

Hybrid Acoustic Guitar Cases:

These cases sacrifice some durability and strength in order to have a lighter profile. Note that these guitar cases do not protect your guitar as well as hard cases do when put in cargo holds where packages are stacked on top of each other.

Reunion Blues Continental Acoustic Guitar Case

Reunion Blues Continental Acoustic Guitar Case

Reunion Blues made a name for themselves by showing the reliability of their guitar case in extreme situations, and by extreme I mean dropping the case from a 2 story building extreme. They shared videos of their actual "drop-tests" where the guitar survived unscathed inside their case after a 40-foot drop! First time I saw the video, my jaw dropped as the case hit the ground hard, and like many others, I was awestruck at how the guitar survived such an ordeal.

Although electric guitars were used in their drop test videos, you can be sure that the same level of protection is applied to your acoustic guitar. RB Continental’s water-resistant ballistic Quadraweave exterior and lightweight Flexoskeleton will provide more than enough protection for regular transport and gigs. The same 1” thick high-density foam and EVA impact panels that protected the guitar from the 40-foot drop is used, only difference being the velvet tuck interior and solid-cell neck brace suspension system are tweaked to better carry acoustic guitars. On top of its reliability, this case also features convenient weight distribution foam, palm-contoured handle, headstock pocket and many more. With Reunion Blues' growing list of artists that now include Buddy Guy, Jeff Loomis and Laurence Juber, you can be sure that this case is great buy, highly recommended!

Online Retail Price: $209.95 | Visit Reunion Blues for more information.

Gator GL Lightweight Acoustic Guitar Case

Gator GL Lightweight Acoustic Guitar Case

The Gator GL Lightweight case is easily one of the best mass produced acoustic guitar cases. It looks like a gig bag on the outside with its gracious pockets and straps, but when you open it up, the inside looks like a hardshell case, having a sturdy but plush foam which supports your guitar's body, neck and head. I've had one for years now and never once have I had a problem with it, I'm afraid that it might even outlast the instrument that it is trying to protect!

As expected, this hybrid case may not be as solid as wooden or polyethylene cases, but it is strong enough to survive the road and regular gigging. Its lighter weight and softer exterior make it more convenient to carry around, at least you won't be hurting yourself or others in case you accidentally bump into them. The only downside I can think of is that this case is quite bulky, but this is to be expected if you want to keep your acoustic guitar safe. The Gator GL case is available in various sizes to accommodate the different shapes of guitars, including jumbo, classical and dreadnought.

Online Retail Price: $94.99 | Get the latest price & reviews at

Godin TRIC Folk-size

Godin TRIC Folk-size

Godin is one of the few guitar company's that are willing to stray from conventional designs yet still produce affordable and impressive gear. And as such, them having a hybrid soft case like the TRIC is to be expected, and ofcourse they went for something more than just the usual, ensuring that you are getting your money's worth - if not more.

Instead of the conventional snug fit design, the TRIC Deluxe case went further being hermetically sealed all the way around, giving your instrument excellent thermal, pressure and humidity regulation. This feature is something that's normally found on more expensive cases, and yet Godin was able to incorporate it into this reasonably priced acoustic guitar case. The nylon exterior is rugged enough for the usual bumps and accidental falls on the road, while the shoulder straps give this guitar case the same portability and comfort as that of a gig bag. All-in-all, this is an excellent guitar case / gig-bag for the money.

Online Retail Price: $109 | Get the latest price & reviews at

SKB Acoustic Guitar Soft Case

SKB Acoustic Guitar Soft Case

From building guitar cases in a small garage back in 1977, SKB has come a long way and is currently one of the biggest players in this market. Their biggest client being Fender guitars and their many big name artists, they are now considered as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of molded polymer transport cases.

Their vast experience with providing cases for musical instruments, military equipment, telecommunications and even sports gear is put to good use with the SKB Acoustic Guitar Soft Case. It features incredible reliability and durability while having the portability and feel of a gig bag, and they were able to accomplish this hybrid design without charging too high. The nylon exterior is designed to be as bump and weather resistant as a hardcase shell, while the multiple compartments and soft backpack-style straps make it as portable and convenient as a gig bag. With the SKB Soft Case, you really get the best of both worlds for your acoustic.

Online Retail Price: $104.99 | Get the latest price & reviews at

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