The Best Electric Guitar Brands

If you're looking for the best electric guitar - look no further - we have the ultimate axes here for you to drool over!


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When we rated these to see which were the best of the best, we took into consideration their quality, popularity with professional guitarists, and the impact they've had on rock music. After we originally published our selection of the top 5 guitar brands, it became clear from the feedback we received that many of you wanted us to name the best individual models, rather than just the brands. So here's are our selection of the best models for each of the top 5 brands.

The top 5 electric guitar brands are:

1. Gibson

Although Fender are a bigger company, Gibson are the brand behind the iconic Les Paul. Both the guitar and the man with the same name have had a bigger impact on the electric guitar than any other.

Gibson Custom True Historic 1959 Les Paul

Gibson Custom True Historic 1959 Les Paul
(Gibson Custom True Historic 1959 Les Paul pictured above)

The 'Les Paul' is the gold standard in rock guitar. The Les Paul solid body guitar was a huge innovation when it was first developed by Ted McCarty in collaboration with Les Paul, and the 1959 Les Paul Standard is one of the most sought after guitars by collectors.

You will find it next to impossible to get one of the originals, however the Gibson Custom True Historic 1959 Les Paul is an impressive tribute to the original and available at all good online music stores.

The MSRP and actual price for this premium electric guitar is is $8,599. If that's a bit too much for your budget you can always go for the Gibson Les Paul Standard which sells for around $2,799.

For more information visit the Gibson Custom True Historic 1959 Les Paul page.

Here are some worthy alternatives from Gibson:

Gibson SG Standard

Gibson SG Standard

The Gibson SG started out as a lighter alternative to the Les Paul - which Les didn't like and eventually opted out of. What seemed like a failure turned out into a success story because many rock and metal guitar players loved the SG's sharp look, faster neck and higher fret reach. Now the SG continues to dominate in the realm of rock and metal with modern production models like the Gibson SG Standard. This latest model features a truly modern addition to the classic SG, the automatic mechanical tuner "G-Force", which was formerly known as "Min-ETune". It is currently retailing for less than $1880 online.Click here for more information.

Gibson Memphis ES-335

Gibson Memphis ES-335

The Gibson ES-335 continues to set the standard for semi-hollow body design since it was introduced in the late '50s. This guitar comes from Gibson Custom at Memphis, and faithfully follows the original ES-335 body design. It is equipped with BurstBucker 1 & 2 humbuckers that can handle genres as diverse as ballads, jazz, blues and even rock. If you can afford it, this is an elegant guitar to reward yourself with. It is currently retailing for only $3,199. Click here for more information.

Gibson Custom Flying V Standard

Gibson Custom Flying V Standard

The Flying V shape oozes with rock and roll attitude. It's the kind of guitar that you want when you're playing hard rock, metal and punk. Its unique shape makes the guitar lighter, this allows you to easily perform your various rockstar poses as you shred your axe on stage. From Albert King to Jimi Hendrix and to modern day rockers like Lenny Kravitz, this guitar shape never goes out of style. If you want to play guitar that will make jaws drop, get the Flying V. You can get one online for premium price of $5,299. Click here for more information.

Gibson Custom True Historic 1957 Les Paul Goldtop

Gibson Custom True Historic 1957 Les Paul Goldtop

The beautiful Gibson Custom True Historic 1957 Les Paul Goldtop is a worthy investment. Its eye catching "blonde" look is matched with vintage sounding tones provided by Gibson's CustomBucker pickups, which are precise copies of the original PAF designs. The price is steep, but its enticing vintage appeal has turned it into a goal for many hardworking guitarists to aim for. This is a guitar that's worth emptying your pocket for, and it usually sells for about $9,399 online. Click here for more information.

And don't forget the 2013 Tribute to Les Paul from Gibson, it's called the Gibson Les Paul Signature "T" Electric Guitar

2. Fender

Fender are the biggest guitar company in the world with more sales than any other guitar manufacturer. Their first solid body electric guitar was the hugely successful Telecaster, but they are far better known for the Stratocaster - the guitar of choice for Eric Clapton and of course Jimi Hendrix.

Fender Custom Shop 60th Anniversary 1954 Heavy Relic Stratocaster

Fender Custom Shop 1963 Time Machine Relic Stratocaster
(Fender Custom Shop 1963 Time Machine Relic Stratocaster)

An original Stratocaster is the top prize for most Fender collectors. It featured many innovations including the pick-guard attached to the surface of the body with all the electronics attached - just remove a few screws and you could remove all the electronics in one piece.

The Fender Custom Shop 1963 Time Machine Relic Stratocaster is an excellent tribute to the Strats of old, and will become a collector's piece in its own right.

The MSRP is $4,699 but you can buy it online for around $3,250. The budget priced alternative is the Fender Standard Stratocaster which sells for just around $600.

See this home film tour of the Fender factory in 1959 featuring Leo Fender and people making Stratocasters.

Here are some other great models from Fender:

Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special

Jaguar Special

The Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special is a beefed-up version of the original sleek design, equipped with dual humbucking pickups and upgraded electronics. Aside from the usual bulk of switches and tone shaping options, this Jaguar has a circuit that allows bendable coil-splitting which further adds to the variety of tones you can produce. A versatile and stylish guitar which sells for around $900. Click here for more information.

Fender American Standard Telecaster

Fender American Standard Telecaster

The Telecaster, with its bright "twang" tone, is simply the most dominant electric guitar for country music. And it didn't stop there, because its presence is spread elsewhere including ballad, blues and even rock. Fender upped the Tele's output by equipping it with a Custom Shop Twisted Tele Pickup on the neck and retained the classic tone on the bridge with a Broadcaster pickup. You can get the latest Telecaster for just under $1450. Click here for more information.

Fender American Standard Stratocaster

American Standard Stratocaster

The American Standard Stratocaster continues the Strat's old tradition of versatility and simplicity. Its flexible tone is further enhanced with vintage voiced Custom Shop Fat '50s pickups, matched by aged knobs and pickup covers. I'm not too fond of the "relic" hype but if that's your thing, there are various Strat models that will cater to your fetishes. No matter what guitars you have, there's always room for another Strat, and this one sells for around $1,449.99. Click here for more information.

3. PRS (Paul Reed Smith)

Paul Reed Smith is a relative newcomer having been born just 2 years after the Stratocaster was created, and founding PRS Guitars in 1985, but in that relatively short period of time PRS have made a huge impact on the guitar world, have been used by the likes of Carlos Santana, Ted Nugent, Dave Navarro. and Mark Tremonti, and have earned their place among the best electric guitar brands.

PRS Custom 24

PRS Custom 24
(PRS Custom 24 pictured above)

Although the "Pre Lawsuit Single Cutaways" have been the most collected PRS models, the PRS Custom 24 has become a collector's item in its own right, and looks set to be an instant classic.

The tonal spectrum is more spread out than most guitars with both a lot of high end and bass, and it has a number of notable endorsers including Tom Wheeler who was the editor of Guitar Player Magazine for over 20 years, and Davy Knowles- Paul Reed Smith says this is the guitar he plays himself.

You can find the PRS Custom 24 selling online for around $3,099. An alternative for the budget conscious is the PRS SE Standard 22 (Student Edition) which sells for around $500.

Some more great PRS models:

PRS SC 245

PRS SC 245

The PRS SC 245 is a single cutaway guitar that combines the eye catching design elements of the Les Paul with PRS' brand of playability and versatility. It has an appealing classic look, thanks to to the solid mahogany and carved maple top combination, but it stands out of the classic crowd by utilizing modern design and construction methods, most notable of which is the PRS 2-piece bridge that feature increased weight and mass for improved sustain. This model is a successful mixture of classic beauty and technology. The PRS SC 245 is retailing online for just under $3000. Click here for more information.

PRS SE Santana

SE Santana

Paul Reed Smith made a special one-off guitar for Santana in 1976. Santana loved the guitar and went on to use it as one of his concert guitars. This was the first Student Edition of a Santana PRS signature model to have the same body shape outline as Carlos Santana's American-made PRS models. The MSRP is $1,115 but sells for about $724. Click here for more information.

4. Gretsch

Gretsch was founded in 1883 and started out making banjos - it wasn't until the 1930s that they began producing guitars - but during the 1950s their guitars began to take on legendary status. During the 1960s their popularity hit stratospheric levels because George Harrison was playing a modified 1957 Gretsch Duo Jet that he bought second hand for £70 from a ship crew member in Liverpool who had bought it brand new in New York. Most collectors agree that the 50s & 60s are the most sought after Gretsch guitars.

G6128T GH George Harrison Tribute Custom Shop Duo Jet

G6128T GH George Harrison Tribute Custom Shop Duo Jet
(G6128T GH George Harrison Tribute Custom Shop Duo Jet pictured above)

George Harrison's original guitar is not for sale, but you can get this meticulously presented tribute version, and it too will be a collectors' piece with only 60 if them ever to be produced.

It comes with some very special extras including one of George's own guitar picks, an original 1987 7" record and picture sleeve of his hit "Got My Mind Set On You", and a personal letter from the Harrison family.

The MSRP is $20,000 - and that's what you'll pay at the stores too. Gretsch don't do things by halves, so if you want a cheaper version the best you'll find is the G6128T-GH George Harrison Signature Duo Jet which comes with a $5,000 price tag, but you can buy it online for only $3,299.

Visit Gretsch for all the details.

Gretsch are also famous for their Hollow Body guitars:

Gretsch G5622T-CB Electromatic Center-Block

Gretsch G5622T-CB Electromatic Center-Block

The Electromatic line is Gretsch's attempt to make the their premium models more accessible to working class musicians. The G5622T-CB is included in this lineup, having virtually the same head turning look of its more expensive counterpart, thanks to the use of affordable parts and cost effective production. With its three pickup configuration and semi-hollow body, the Gretsch G5622T-CB has the sound and style which is ideal for a variety of genres like country, southern rock, folk and even jazz. This is great looking versatile guitar that you can buy online for just $899.99. Click here for more information.

Gretsch G6120T-59GE Golden Era Edition 1959 Chet Atkins

Gretsch G6120T-59GE Chet Atkins

If you want to get that twangy Chet Atkins sound from the 50's and 60's then this is the way to go. A more expensive model than the G5420T, the G6120 Chet Atkins comes with an MSRP of above $4000.00 and is usually found online selling for under $3000. Click here for more information

5. Ibanez

Although Yamaha are a better known Japanese musical instrument company, Ibanez stands out from the crowd in rock guitars, not just in Japan - but the world over - with a number of big name guitarists such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Paul Gilbert having signature models. They originally built their American presence in the 1960s on the back of Gibson and Fender copies, however the RG series introduced in the 1980s was a more original design, based on Steve Vai's JEM Universal, and became one of the biggest selling metal guitars of that period and beyond.

Ibanez TAM100 Tosin Abasi Signature

Ibanez TAM100 Tosin Abasi Signature
(Ibanez TAM100 Tosin Abasi Signature pictured above)

Ibanez practically wrote the book on production line 8-string guitars, and the TAM100 Tosin Abasi Signature is a an excellent example of what they can produce. It showcases their creativity and how the brand goes beyond the norm when designing their instruments. This is one of the reasons why many virtuoso guitarists are more than happy to stay with the brand.

As expected the guitar features a slim 5-piece wenge/bubinga wizard neck designed specifically to give you the fastest and most convenient fretting experience.

The Ibanez TAM100 Tosin Abasi Signature is currently retailing for around $3,999 but they can be difficult to get - you usually have to put in a special order and pay in advance. The Prestige RGD is an alternative if you want a 7-string quickly, and it usually sells for less than half the price. The introductory version for the RG Series is the 6-string RG450DXB which sell for around $399.99.

Some more great Ibanez models:

Ibanez Steve Vai JEM70V

Steve Vai JEM70V

The JEM70V is a Steve Vai signature model based upon the early JEMs he helped create. It comes with 3 different DiMarzio Evolution pickups, an Edge tremolo, and a JEM Premium low profile neck to make it easy for your left hand to fly up and down the fretboard. This is the way to go if you want that Steve Vai sound. The MSRP is a steep $6,655 but it's selling online for less than $4,000. Click here for more information.

Ibanez AF75TDG

Ibanez AF75TDG

Ibanez have also gained a good reputation for their affordable semi-hollowbody guitars, and their Artcore series are their leading examples. The AF75TDG is among the coolest archtops in the range, and if you're looking for Jazzy tones without the hefty price tag - this is the one we recommend. You can buy an Ibanez AF75TDG online for just under $600. Click here for more information.

Other Electric Guitar Brands

Those above are the top 5 we've selected.

Some might argue for the inclusion of other brands like Rickenbacker, Jackson, Dean, Schecter, ESP, or others - but we had to make the cut somewhere.

Please feel free to share your choices in the comments below and say which electric guitar brands you feel should be included.

Sweetwater Thank you to Sweetwater for their sponsorship and providing the full specifications for the guitars above where possible. You can see more electric guitars at

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I'll go to bat for a USA

I'll go to bat for a USA Jackson any day!

I'll second that!

I'm fortunate enough to have ordered and owned a Jackson Soloist since 1987. Best playing guitar ever. Well, so far.....

What about ?

First Act

Suhr should be in the list

I would add Suhr Pro Series S6 to the list

Best guitars

Godin Guitars. Crafted in Canada, assembled in USA. Best value ever! I've got three of them and planning another. Godin used to be a ghostmaker and made many of the famous boutique guitars that people swear by.

I've been playing for 50 years. Once you play Godin, you never go back to the "big names".. unless you have a burning desire to throw money away.. or absolutely must have that big name on the headstock to match your t-shirt or cap. :}

We like Godin Guitars

We do like Godin here at - we've covered many of their new releases, most recently their Godin 5th Avenue Uptown GT.

Indeed. I have a Velocity

Indeed. I have a Velocity and a Richmond Dorchester and they both rock. The Velocity is my second favourite guitar in fact (my favourite being my Warren custom which was 5 times the price!). It just feels like you're holding quality. :-) I'm now hoping to get the new Session Custom TriplePlay.

Top 5 and more

+1 on USA Jackson; they've been GREAT since day one. I'd also swap ESP in for Ibanez any day... ESP Signature and Custom guitars are as fine an electric guitar as is made.

And what about Rickenbacker? I'd have put Ric in the top five instead of Gretch....

It was a difficult decision

It was a difficult decision to leave out Rickenbacker - they were at the top of our list for our 12 string electric guitar roundup.

Don't forget Carvin USA.

Don't forget Carvin USA. Made in California. They sell direct to the consumer. Finest guitar I ever played.


I have a DC400 claro walnut and it´s one of the best I have played on!

My Don Felder 'Murphy' is

My Don Felder 'Murphy' is the best I've heard, seen or played--hands down, no argument

Did someone forget the tele?

I own some 13 or so, high end American, Canadian and/or Japanese 6 strings 7 basses and a full studip of gear and if my opinion means FA then I can't help but not mention my Washburn Custom Shop WV548! It has Parker guitars (famous for the FLY) patented composite glass carbon fiber fretboard, EMG active PU's (81, 85) and a real Floyd with the Buzz Feiten system and it is bar none, the fastest, smoothest, and by far the nicest playing (and sounding for that matter) guitar I own or have played in my some 30 odd years plus, playing electrics.

BTW this is versus my Jackson RR1, 1958 VOS Les Paul, Shred V, 67 Flying V custom, RD Standard, USA Charvel custom shop, USA DLX Ash Telecaster, Lado TL60 Prototype, and more etc. etc. etc.

This was more about brands

This was more about brands rather than individual guitar models, but the Tele made it onto the Top 10 Guitars list at

Lolol lame azz I knew if I

Lolol lame azz I knew if I kept reading your BS comment you would start nameing all your crapy azz guitars haha lol no one cares or gives a flying fuck what you have or own.... (What you must of sounded like when you were 12 and lame as today) Oohhh I'm sooooo cool I have jimi's guitar and eric's guitar cause I'm their nephiew ya there my uncles hmm mm both of them I own and play with there guitars all the time woooo hooooo...............


Where do you people get off not even mentioning BC Rich. They have a fine selection of Guitars, they use some of the best woods you can ask for, very good electronics, and Kerry King of Slayer fame will only play BC Rich, that in itself should be enough said. On top of that the body styles that they have to choose from is far more innovative and original than anything that Ibanez could ever dream of producing. Fender and Gibson are in fact the most well known guitars in the world but frankly the body styles are outdated and worn. They believe in staying with what works but wheres the originality? Im sorry if I offend but BC Rich til death. I have never seen anyone come up with anything as wild and as evil looking as the worlock models. I mean the nickname for a guitar is an axe but so far only BC Rich guitwrs look like somthing you can take into battle, and the sound is like the very voice of Satan himself. And shame on you all to forget about Dean Guitars, They were used and endorsed by the God of Metal shreddiing himself Dimebag Darrell Abbott. The man died on stage with one in his hands. RIP Brotger and Goddspeed. give repect where respect is due.

Lol I agree I'm a nirvana

Lol I agree I'm a nirvana freak, not a kurt freak.... but dam fender all you can make is the same butt ugly designs that you have made for years come up with a compleatly new body design and I mean COMPLETELY NEW and just use the same components or better for a new guitar called, idk caster lol or DOUCHECASTER lol don't matter to me just hive us something new

Ibanez rules...

Reading the comments, looks like people dont like Ibanez, in my 15 years of guitar playing I have own three, all mid-lowend models in the RG series, those things are of amazing value they can take a lot of abuse and still sound great. I dare to compare them whit my SL3 jackson a guitar that costed me three times more than any Ibanez I had own, the only big difference are the pickups because other than that the built quallity is much the same and I dare to say Ibanez uses better compenets (frets, pots, switch) than Jackson...

I have 12 years whit my SL3 Jackson and 12 years whit my RG7420, so far I have replaced both POTs on the jackson, the frets are really worn out and FR chrome is peeling.. great guitar crappy components. oh, I havent had to replace anything on the Ibanez yet other than the stock pickups for something better. both are made in Japan =). So dont tell people that Ibanez sucks before actually owning one...


These specs of Ibanez is very unique_ 3 different DiMarzio Evolution pickups, and Edge tremolo, i love Steve Vai sound...........

Excellent guide especially

Excellent guide especially for beginner to acquire huge knowledge on branded guitar for purchasing a right guitar set.

The Best?

The best is a personal idea. Clapton & VanHalen can make a Walmart Special sound good. Paul Reed Smith made a guitar out of plywood purchased at HomeDepot and it didn't sound bad. IMHO Gibsons are too heavy, Fenders are like broom handles, Suhrs are Fender copies, BC Richs sound like muddy water, and Jacksons are just plain ugly. But if you like 'em, that's fine with the rest of us. I do laugh at people who shell out major $$$ for an axe and they still suck at playing. Dream on.
(same too ya!)

Which Brand is the Best???

Thats a major bend of opinions! It all boils down to..the style of music that you play and what you expect out of the guitar! Is playing only a hobby or are you trying to make a living bangin that Ax? The price of a guitar is not as important as the ability of the person strumming the strings! If your abilitys suck,and you have a expensive guitar..You Still Suck..No matter how good the guitar may be! I have owned cheep and expensive guitars of all different brand names..some very good..some very bad..bottom line is..if Your happy with the AX,thats all that matters! Screw the Name or the Price!!

which brand is best?

I found this.. a somewhat depressing list.. I own and play (all the time), a "the paul", an ES335, a strat, one of my three teles, an El Maya (and sold my les paul after that), a few hand-made, a couple self-made..

and a Givson blue diamond, made in india, bought new for 45 euros (with a hard case), and I have to say its possibly the most versatile. HSS and a zero-fret neck like the old EKOs..

The right guitar has to have the right neck, well seasoned and cured wood, straight grain, resonance, the right pickups and a weight that's good for you.. take yours, whatever you have, to a luthier and get it setup right.. what else... you have to use the right strings (usually not a "set").. you will then love and play your guitar.

as the comment above says the name and price don't really matter

RE: which brand is best?

In regards to which is best I personally think you pretty much got it right! Folks can piss n moan all they want but the facts are facts. Gibson, Fender, PRS ect all make fantastic guitars, time-tested tools of the trade. Many of you feel the need to want to publicly put down a certain brand in favor of another, there's good n bad in all of them!! If I could afford a Gibson Les Paul I would get one! Sure I could pull out the plastic n get one but I don't wanna have to do that just yet. I have no shame in purchasing a cheap guitar as long as I like it, to me if a guitar has a good smooth fast neck ......... it's a good guitar!! You can always swap pups n hardware but the neck is a little more complicated. I have a Fender Squire Strat, it is an "E" series Squire, I think it was made from 1984-87, and I can tell you that I will be 50 years old in May of this year and the neck on this Squire is the best I have ever felt on any guitar I have owned!! and yes it was a fairly cheap guitar. Now I hear that the "E" series of Squire Strats are supposed to be highly sought after or something, I don't know all about that, all I know is that I love the way this guitar plays n feels in my hands n riding in front of my belly! So folks don't put a guitar down simply because you can't afford it, like I said they are good guitars for a reason, same goes for the cheap guitars, don't knock 'em 'til you try 'em, there are some mighty good players out there to be had for cheap $$$, bottom line ..... regardless of the name on the head ..... if you can afford it, if it feels n looks the way you like n has a good neck then buy it n give it the love it deserves, it'll love you back in ways you never imagined!! Happy pickin n God bless

Took into considration Quality???

And named Gibson No 1? lol. How many current Les Paul Standards have you checked out, certainly not great quality, in fact laughable QC.

The Best Guitars are...

Or course, you have a repulsive snobs on here that can't acknowledge the truth that the list above correctly consists of quality, popular choices. I'd never play a Dean, a Parker, or a Godin. I'm so glad you love them, but you're a minority. The Gibsons and Fenders are tried and true designs. That's why the majority play them. They're actually good guitars, at least the equal of the snobs-are-us suggestions above. Having limited funds to spend, and wanting to ensure that a quality guitar with quality tone is aquired, I would go with a Fender or a Gibson without hesitation. I'm not a snotty nosed rich brat like most of the above put-downs and belly achers; I'm a 50+ mature adult who knows how to play and I play good, thank you. Not because I say, but because that's what others say. Fender and Gibson are overall the best guitars on the market for the average person of means and talent, unless you're rich and can afford something above $5000.00. Otherwise, calm down, remove the pentangle from your rectum, and relax. Is it really that important to you? THEN OPEN YOUR OWN WEBSITE AND PREACH ABOUT IT. This has been a public service message...Billy

The best public service

The best public service message I've seen in a while - thank you Billy!

That's a bit if an

That's a bit if an exaggeration but you're allowed. I would venture to claim that the snobs are those who proselytize Fender and Gibson as being the best (especially Gibson). It's been demonstrated a million times over that they are not. Which does not mean they don't make guitars many people want and like. Especially Fender (I have a GREAT Highway One Strat) who have managed to reach a wider audience with the pricing structure of the Fender brand than Gibson has with the Gibson name. The reason we see so many of them in the hands of pros (and their sheepish followers) is that these companies can afford to buy "stage presence". I would put PRS in that group too; however PRS makes better production guitars than both the above. And I'm not being a snob since I can't afford a PRS.

All that being said the best guitar is the one that allows you to express yourself to the best of your ability and makes you feel good doing so. If you need a custom shop Les Paul to do it then by all means go for it. If a Godin or Ibanez or Dean or Jackson is the one for you who are we to tell anyone they are wrong. Personally I think the best guitarists on the planet play Telecasters! :-)

To the webmaster: I got a message saying "The name you used belongs to a registered user." Yes, it belongs to me!

The best guitar brand

First Act by far is the best guitar made, ever. Wallmart, you can pick one up at. :)

Les Paul correction...

Les Paul DID NOT design the guitar that bears his name! Ted McCarty and his team at Gibson came up with it and took it to Les at Delaware Water Gap where he was living and recording (no planes flying over). Ted showed it to Les and he said, "They're getting too close to us, Mary, we better join 'em." The only contribution that Les made to the original guitar was that lousy wrap around the bottom trapeze tailpiece that was quickly dumped...

Les Paul correction correction.

Ted McCarty and the Gibson team designed the Les Paul. Les Paul's idea was for the strings to wrap over the tailpiece for string muting, (also invented by Paul). The boys at Gibson dropped the ball and redesigned the tailpiece wrong with the strings under the tailpiece.

We stand corrected...

I forgot to mention that we fixed that up and gave Ted McCarty the credit he is due.

My apologies for such a blaring omission!

Fender ARE Gibson ARE - WTF ?

Although Fender ARE a bigger company.... Gibson ARE the brand.... ??

WTF.. who edited this, outsourced Indians ? Fail.

I edited this

I wrote the original version, and many of the updates, with some of the updates by another staff member - Alexander.

I also wrote "Although Fender are a bigger company, Gibson are the brand behind the iconic Les Paul." - did you find something factually wrong with this?

BTW - last time I checked I wasn't an outsourced Indian :) I'm the guy who launched in 1999, when it looked like this.

uuhm ESP above Ibanez.

uuhm ESP above Ibanez. gretsch and fender are for old dudes with grey hair. and Gibson? i dont get it why they make it in the top 3 all the tme they produce unfinished guitars that end up in the stores where you ALWAYS have to fix something on.. They are the mos famous but certainly not the best.

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