Stolen Guitars & Records

Posted by JMAC on Fri, 08/20/04 - 09:59:39.

The Southern California home of Blues musician James Harman was burglarized in August, 2004. Among other things, the thieves made off with James’ collection of vintage guitars and recordings. Friends and Fans of James are begging every musician and blues fan to be on the lookout for the items listed below. If enough of us are watching there is a chance that James may be able to recover at least some of the stolen items.

Here is a list of the guitars that were stolen:

1940 Stella acoustic resonator, painted sunburst, alligator texture case
1946 Gibson ES-350 sunburst w/3 P-90 pick-ups, in orig. brown case
1946 Gibson L-48, sunburst, gold hardware, deArmond pick-ups, brown case
1958 Fender Telecaster, maple neck, butterscotch blonde w/white pick guard
1959 National Town & Country, Les Paul shape w/2 pick ups, brown case
1961 Fender Precision Bass, shell pink, white pickguard
1963 Fender Stratocaster, white, white pickguard
1964 Supro red fiberglass Resophonic, no cutaway, chrome pie plate resonator cover

A large collection of vinyl LP’s and 45’s were also stolen. Some of these have “Jimmy Harman” or “JH” or “JH + DJ” or “Jimmy + Dorothy” written on the label, the sleeve, or the jacket. The 45’s were in manila or faded red custom sleeves or picture sleeves. Many of the sleeves have writing listing the title, artist, label issue number, session and release date, or sidemen.

Record labels include Atlantic, Stax, Chess, Checker, Argo, Duke, Peacock, Excello, Vee-Jay, Sun, Imperial, Blue Note, Prestige, Impulse, and others. The collection is primarily Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Jazz. The LP’s and 45’s are collectible and may be sold together. If you notice a large number of old Blues, R&B, Soul, and Jazz records suddenly show up at too-good-to-be-true prices please be suspicious! Any legitimate seller will easily be able to document where & how they obtained the records.

Three handguns were also stolen: one antique nickel plate, pearl-handle .45 cal. over/under derringer and two 1962 near-new condition Colt Cobra .38 special’s with 1" barrels.

James worked very hard to bring us great music for many years and it is a shame that some idiot could wipe out a life’s worth of collecting. If enough of us are on the look out we may help catch the thieves and recover James’ hard-earned guitars & records.

Please contact James Harman at or or through the other contact methods listed at

And whatever else you do, please NEVER BUY ANYTHING YOU SUSPECT MIGHT HAVE BEEN STOLEN! Scumbags only steal things they can sell. If we act together to find and report thieves and refuse to buy stolen merchandise, then maybe your stuff won’t be next!


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