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Posted by bob Janet Simons on Sun, 10/11/09 - 09:41:28.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s I was a guitar salesman and sold Carlos guitars, first as a store manager and then as a wholesaler who sold them to music stores. Back then they were poorly made Korean models that paralleled the Talamine line. The F-307 was the cheapest. Later the Korean shop obtained machines from Takamine but still made them in factories with dirt floors and cheap materials. That improved their quality a great deal - this happened in about 1984. In order to buy the line, a dealer had to buy 72 guitars at one time once per year. They bought 6 (box lot) of any model they wanted. I sold hundreds of them to some dealers. They were OK in the cheap price range after they obtained the Takamine equipment. I haven't seen new ones for years.

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Carlos Acoustic

Wow! I'm way late in this game!!! Hahahahhaha! I have a Carlos Acoustic. Gosh. I don't know what the wood is. It's dark. Mine has the brass nut and inlays as well. I bought it with babysitting money when I was 15. Well. I'm one month away from 50, and I still have my "old lady" as I refer to her. I put new strings on her last night as a matter of fact. She still sounds awesome. I was just curious about the makers of Carlos guitars and stumbled upon this blog. I will always keep her. I was really saddened about a year ago, my Daughters cat knocked it off of it's stand, and it really chipped it good, right on top. Does not affect the sound however, so I'm thankful for that... Well, that's it! I hope to hear from some of you Carlos peeps! Have a great evening!!

Carlos Model #260R

I bought this guitar from a music store in Appleton Wi back in the 70s. It is a great guitar and I still have it. It is made in Korea and I am interested in knowing the present value. Any idwas?

Carlos 210

My folks bought me a Carlos model 210 made in Korea when I was in Jr. High for music class.
My father had told me that it was made with Rose Wood. It also came with an Allen wrench so you could ajust the neck. I still have it, it plays great and I am 56 yrs. old now.
I am glad to have found this site.


I literally picked this guitar out of the garbage! Carlos 210 1979 acoustic folk guitar.
New Martin light gauge strings and a good cleaning and I have a little beauty.
Sounds great. Stays in tune ....What a find!

Carlos Guitar

I found an old Carlos while working for a rafting company in North Carolina. Found it in an old cabin with a storage space above bunk. It is the 207FK made in Korea. It's the folk 6 string. This thing sounds as good as any guitar out there. It also has a brass nut. I think it was made in the early 80's. Any one know what they are worth? I've heard between $500 and $1200 just for their rarity.


I have a model 240K. I think it's mid 70s it is a great sounding guitar. Killer craftsmanship ,brass nut bridge inlays

Carlos Guitar

Hi, just wondering if the one who posted that he sold Carlos guitars will see this post and know something about my Carlos guitar, or if anyone else does.

I am trying to find a date for when my guitar was made.

Carlos Acoustic Guitar

Model CA40-B
Serial No 022164

I have it listed here with photos:

I wouldn't sell it, so I do not care too much about its value. Curious about value, but really want to know when it was made.


re Carlos n=model 210 review; typo error

Sorry for the typos on my review of the model 210. Should be "and we played the axe with 3 different flat picks." not 2.

Carlos Guitar Model 210

Well I must say this Carlos guitar I bought blows me away. Sounds like a Martin D-45, big brassy sound, well balanced. Of course when talking about how good guitars sound it's important to realize that any guitar, no matter how good it is can have many different sounds. Just today a friend came over, an old folkie who used to own his own a music store and sold Carlos guitars and many other guitars imported by Coast Wholesale, and we played this axe with 2 different flat picks. Of course the guitar produced 3 different timbres. So the point is that even something as simple as the type of pick has a lot to due with how a guitar sounds (people argue all the time about what the best pick is, let alone what guitar is best). This model 210 is the killer bluegrass guitar, awesome neck, hand made bridge, all in all a well made guitar and a steal for the price.
I have been playing and performing for over 40 years, I have several killer guitars of the high-end brand group but I always amazed when makers like Carlos, Yamaha, Ventura etc. make these killer sounding guitars for such little money....not everyone can fork out 2-3 grand for some handmade copy of a Martin or a Vintage martin reissue. I have played expensive guitars that can't come close to what this guitar sounds like!

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