Rickenbacker 325 12 String

Posted by Bianca Ferraioli on Wed, 12/19/01 - 16:47:32.
In Reply to 325 Connection

I am looking for a 325 12 String.

Please Advise availability.


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Re: Rickenbacker 325 12 String

Hi Bianca, I have a Rickenbacker 325/12 V63 in Jetglo (black with white scratchplate). Only 136 of these were ever made in 1999. They are a Limited Edition to celebrate a one off custom model John Lennon ordered in '63 from Rickenbacker. The serial no. of mine is 99-52976. Interested?

Re: Rickenbacker 325 12 String

Hey Paul Miller,
It's a pleasure for me to be talking to a Rickenbacker 325/12 owner. Anyways, my names Andy I just turned 14 a couple of months ago, i live just out side of Toronto and I consider my self to be a huge Beatles/Lennon fan. I've been playing guitar for about 1 and a half now, but i've been dreaming to learn how to play guitar since i've been 9. I've been a Beatles fan for almost my whole life and probally will be for the rest of my life. Ever since the age of 9 i've said to my self that i'm going to be just like John when i grow up. So i started to save up to get John's Rickenbacker 325/12. I want the 12 string because of a picture that i saw of John with it, he was sitting on a couch and litely sturmming it. I dont know why that picture means so much to me but i guess what its saying is that John was just a normal, loveing guy who never became a Beatle for the "Fame and Fortune" but cause it was fun and he enjoyed entertaining people. I got that picture right above me bed and every night i look at it and prey that, that will be me some day. Now as you know a Rickenbacker 325/12 is extreamly hard to get. I saw one on ebay a year or so ago and bidded and bidded on it, my final offer was $2900, it looked like i was going to win the auction but in the last moment I got out bidded. It broke my heart. I cried and cried, searching on the internet to find another one and then just a few days ago i found this website and read that you have the legendary 325/12. I jumped for joy untill i noticed that it was a reply e-mail to this girl called Bianca Ferraioli. So this is why im writting to you today, I hope that you still have that 325/12. I'm prepared to pay anything "ANYTHING" you want just to get that guitar. I dont want the 350/12 because first of all John never played one so it would feel like i'm cheating John and secondly i prefer short scale models because of my small hands. Please, Please still have the 325/12 you'll make my that happiest kid alive. Thank you for your time and hope you'll wright back soon. Please Please Please!!! P.s. Sorry i'm not a very good speller. Gramers never been my strongest subject. Sencirly, Andy

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