marina Mark 41A

Posted by Nandor Spisak on Sat, 12/08/07 - 16:01:37.
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I have just bought a Marina Mark 41A 12 string guitar. It has a great sound and looks beautiful. Can anyone tell me how much it may be worth cause now everybody wants to buy it from me and tell me how great this guitar is?

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Marina mark 36g accoustic

I just found a Marina 36g guitar in a shed, was looking for a guitar to play, this one got my attention, it was in excellent condition, even with strings as old as the guitar I'd guess, it had a great sound, I took a gamble and purchased it, a polish, new strings, and it played like my beloved Martin, sadly gone, it surprised me, does anyone know anything about this guitar? made in China I believe, but, when? it appears to be quite old, quality machine heads, nice action, Martin style scratch plate, great sound, very accurate neck, seems too good for a Chinese guitar, what is it's history,and approximate value, anyone know?

marina acoustics

I have owned two of these a white mark32 ugly pearl white but sounded fantastic, really meloncholic , mahagony and spruce unfortunatlely I belt sanded it after drinking a litre of smirmof 50 % vol not proof, this is where most great ideas happen.But I do actually customise and restore for others so not completety mental, After hunting for another ten years I got a mark 35 rosewood and spruce , all bound and natural. good tone but brighter and in my opinion not as nice.action was a little shonkey at first but sorted that, and a great acoustic . Sometimes you just get a good one despite price. And just for reference I have tried lots to replace and my main guitar is a parker fly deluxe, I also have many other expensive guitars so not out of lack of funds , just give one a try if you see you may be suprised

Marina Mark 35

Hi, I have a MARINA mark 35 acoustic it was a bit tatty when i got it from my local music shop he was selling it for a guy I gave him
£80 it plays brill stays in tune, the name is in cap letters on the headstock from top to base, there is a seriel number on the end of the inside of the neck the colour is a natural finish, there is quite an elaborate binding round the body and neck, I would like to find out more can you help cheers, Dale G

marina Mark 41A

I have had one since the 80's. It's a cheap Chinese model that really doesn't sound much better with age - so it will never be worth much. If you switch out the crummy standard plastic bridge to a bone bridge, the sound will improve. This guitar is worth much more that it will fetch, so might as well hang on to it :)

Marina Mark32WR = 1 great axe (aka- The Hummingbird Killer)

Once upon a hell of a long time ago, before the age of careers, ambition, love (kinda), and making money - I was playing, going to college and being friends with a man named Miguel Rios. (Miguel, if you catch this I hope you don't remember me - time's changed us all. Miguel was a numero uno student of Andre Segovia (the Segovia - Spain - all that) and he was starting up his guitar restoration business and I had him do up several very vintage CF Martin's for me. You would be shocked what they are worth today - ton's. I was saving one for Miguel and I to do over many years and your article got me into the old attic, there it is my Marina Mark 32RW. I bought it in the 80's for around $300 dollars and it sat there until just awhile ago. I got it out and restored it myself. What a great axe!! It's all done up in red stained majogany (I think anyway, yeah it is.) with ivory piping round the top, bottom, neck sides and with it's simple little pickguard like old martin style and the mother of pearl flowering up it's rosewood neck it's sure pretty. I think these are grover's 24K gold tuners and they act like after all these years too. I only had to put in a couple of weeks restoring it to new condtion and I'd be hard pressed to take anything less that 500 dllrs for it. If you don't have to, don't sell it now at all. A few more years and it'll be work a whole lot more. Thanks for the memories.

Re: marina Mark 41A

Worty US$100 if in good condition.

Re: marina Mark 41A

I don't have a 41A but I have a 36G 6 string and I also would like to know what it is worth. I bought it from a pawn shop for $60, but it sounds to good to be worth that much.  Sory I can't help you with what yours is worth.

Re: marina Mark 41A

I am also trying to find out how much one is worth. I got it as a gift and was curious since some friends have approached me asking how much I'd sell it for- not sure I would since it does sound so great but I'd like to know.

Re: marina Mark 41A

Hi there,
I found one at ebay:
Seems like 60 Euro is the limit for a used one!
If the Link didn`t work, search at for 350018501175

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