TCM acoustic guitar

Posted by Deb Struve on Fri, 05/20/05 - 18:37:04.
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I would like to know what TCM stands for-I have an older guitar with TCM on the headstock. The label on the inside reads:TCM Worlds Finest Quality Serial No (none) Model No: MARK 30P

I got this guitar today and would really like to know what it is and the meaning of the letters "TCM"


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TCM stands for 'Terry C. Mcinturff' the man who made the guitar

TCM Acoustic Guitar

I purchased a TCM Acoustic in Ottawa in 1973. It still has a beautiful sound. Always wondered what TCM stood for and who was its maker. It has a serial number 030013 and Model #270 and TCM on a label inside the guitar.6

TCM Acoustic Guitar

I purchased a TCM Acoustic in Ottawa in 1973. It still has a beautiful sound. Always wondered what TCM stood for and who was its maker. It has a serial number 030013 and Model #270 and TCM on a label inside the guitar.6

Re: TCM acoustic guitar

I have a similar guitar. Acoustic 12 string with the same headstock/label (although I don't remember the model number off the top of my head). I purchased mine in an Ottawa pawn shop for $225 (it had a crack in the soundboard, but it had been repaired quite well). I assume I am at least 3rd hand owner since there was also a "Songbird music" sticker on the read of the headstock (Songbird used to sell used instruments, now replaced by Spaceman Music, I believe). Although it's a 12-string I have it fit with 6 phosphore bronze strings. Regular 6-string sets sounded good, but were a little too bassy, since I guess the guitar is built to emphasise that range with more trebble strings. Anyway, the phosphors add just that bit of "brightness" to it. Is sounds better than any $225 guitar I've played/heard, and better than most $800 ones. Not quite as good as my old boss's $1900 Larrivee, but...

Anyway, after periodic seaarching, I still don't have a clue as to what TCM stands for. One follow up post suggested Terry C McInturff, who makes guitars under the TCM name, but these seem to be mostly high-end electrics.


TCM acoustic guitar

That guitar has nothing to do with Terry C McInturff, who makes quality guitars.

TCM is imported from China by the Intercontinental Music store in Ottawa. Only Intercontinental sells them. TCM is their "pro" line, so some dupe probably paid a lot for it, but really, it's not a high end guitar. Middling at best. Glad to hear that your guitar sounds good.

Intercontinental Music imports brands like TCM, Intex, Baron and Simon. They don't sell any well known brands. Owner puts a super high MSRP on it, followed by the slightly lower regular price, followed by a 50% off sale sticker price. So it looks like your lucky day when you walk in. Except that the sale has been on since the store opened. And the guitars are not worth the money, even at 50% off.
Note: Just google mapped Intercontinental Music. (610 Donald st., Ottawa ON) The street view now shows 75% off! Still not worth the money.

Re: TCM acoustic guitar


The guitar you're talking about is sold only at one location. It's not a McInturff. You were right, he only makes electrics. You're guitar was originally purchased at Intercontinental Music at 610 Donald St. in Ottawa. The store owner gets them made in Asia and then ships them here with the TCM logo, his own, which I believe stands for Trans-Continental Music. I own a TCM 6-string, model no. ID-400SM, that I picked up used from the online classifieds. I checked it first at the store to see what I was getting and figured out that these guitars, though very very nice, are way overpriced at the store. The original price on mine was 2500 bucks. It's now on sale for $1000, which tells me that his original markup was HUGE. At any rate, it's a fantastic guitar for the $300 I paid for it. Sounds like you lucked out in that the pawn shop owner who sold it to you likely couldn't figure out the value so sold it cheap, as it wasn't a recognized brand. If mine was stolen I wouldn't replace it only because the store prices are ridiculous, but I sure would be pissed.

TCM hea-65 nat guitar

I just picked up a TCM hea-65 nat guitar at a garage sale. It plays really nice, no buzzing and stay's in tune. I picked it up as a good little guitar to play in the kitchen and around the fire etc...

I was looking for the following info:
1. how much would this guitar be worth in pretty good shape. (no nics, bumps etc...)?
2. How much was it new?
3. What year were they made?
4. Any other info


One happy camper

I bought a TCM Guitar second hand she is about 20 years ago here in Nfld i do know she came from ottowa though...she sure is one great guitar though the action is perfect on her never played a guitar yethe model number is 202o i am very interested if anyone has one like mine and i would like to know the price of her when she was bought new...when i play her she feels like butter would not sell her for any guitar...was offered 600.00 for her but i told him i only paid 200.00 for her but he knew what i had.i am one happy camper

Re: TCM acoustic guitar

Well Here in Ottawa the store that sells TCM,Intex,etc is named Continential Music so we say TCM is Totally Continential seriously, TCM is the Maker's Name....Terry C. McInturff

Re: TCM acoustic guitar

Just to reiterate.... These guitars aren't McInturff.... They are the store's private brand.


You r wrong I that the TCM brand is the stores

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