Re: Yamaha S-50A acoustic guitar

Posted by Kevin T. Carroll on Sat, 03/11/06 - 13:54:26.

: : can anyone tell me approx what year it was made, and the approx. value for one in mint condition? also don't u wish yamaha would get off their asses and make a list for us, so that we didn't need to post all these messages?

I have one sitting next to me. Serial #1131980. I believe it was made in 1961. Parsing the Serial number shows it was made on Jan. 31st of '61 and it was the 980th unit made that month. There's one in Vancouver selling for $175.00, but I think that price is too low if it's in good condition. I wouldn't take $175. for mine. I also have an S-77 that's really nice.

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yamaha s-50 age

My dad bought my s-50 when he was in Viet Nam in '66. the serial # is 20408217. It does have the tuning fork logo, and I always remember it having nylon strings. i know he didnt know how to change strings. There is a chance the serial # could be 204082 ' 1. Its a bit hard to read at the end.

Re: Yamaha S-50A acoustic guitar

s-50a is meant to be a classical[but you can string w/ steel but I'd recommend taking it down half or whole step to relieve neck tension-you can always use a capo to bring it up to standard tuning-if anyone runs on an fg180 red label nippon gakki yamaha in anything but irretrievable condition, plz let me know.-bought one in Panama[central america] in '72- my b###h exwife broke it over a chair[and I didn't kill her or her dawg!! Seriously-great instrument on a par w/ Gibsons of the time-Thanks

Re: Yamaha S-50A acoustic guitar

 Yamaha S-50A acoustic guitar

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Re: Yamaha S-50A acoustic guitar

By the way, where did you get to see the serial number? When I look inside, between the strings, I can see a sticker with Yamaha S-50A, Nippon Gakki Co on it, but no serial number.

Re: Yamaha S-50A acoustic guitar

I paid mine $20.00 in a flea market.. It was clean but needed some tuning. Got mine repaired and it sounds nice. The repair guy did put all metal strings on it. Is it right?


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