Delay Pedal Roundup

Here are the most inspiring and best value delay effect pedals to help you find the right one for your playing style.

There are two types to chose from: Analog & Digital


Analog Delay Pedals

Analog delays are mostly based on the bucket brigade delay circuits that were introduced in the '70s. These circuits produced good quality delay sounds, and gradually replaced high maintenance tape head based delays. Although the delay they produce is shorter and stiffer compared to digital ones, they sound warm and natural, which are still preferred by many professionals.

Moog Moogerfooger MF-104M
Moog Moog's Moogerfooger MF-104M

If you are looking to purchase the best analog delay pedal there is, then get the Moogerfooger MF-104M. This impressive pedal is based on true analog bucket brigade chips, and we concur with general opinion that it produces some of the most responsive and impressive delay sounds in the planet. On top of its impressive audio quality, the latest version gives you more tone shaping options - with new 6 Waveshape LFOs, Tap Tempo and MIDI compatibility. If you save up for it, the Moogerfooger MF-104M can be a dream come true. Retail Price: $679. Get the latest price & reviews at

EHX Deluxe Memory Man With Tap Tempo
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man with Tap Tempo

The original Deluxe memory Man pedal is well known and sought after by professionals, thanks to its natural sounding delay and response. Not satisfied with just that, Electro-Harmonix improved it by adding features that are usually only found on digital delays like tap tempo, expression control and effects looping. These new functions add incredible value to the pedal, and being made by a reputable brand like Electro-Harmonix, it is no surprise that it is now one of the most sought after analog delay pedals. It may not be cheap, but you do get more than what you pay for. Retail Price: $478. Get the latest price & reviews at

Blackstar HT-Delay
Blackstar HT-delay

Featuring 8 different delay modes based on popular vintage equipment, The Blackstar HT-Delay is another incredibly versatile delay pedal. It can give you delays that behave like vintage and multi-head tape delays, and you can also set it to produce bucket brigade type analog delay sounds. Unique to the HT-Delay is a saturation knob that lets you add real valve compression and harmonics to your delay tone. Other features like tap tempo and looping further secures its spot as one of the best analog delay pedals in its price range. Retail Price: $280. Get the latest price & reviews at

MXR Carbon Copy
MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay

If you are looking for an affordable and portable alternative to the bulky and expensive analog pedals that were suggested above, check out the MXR Carbon Copy. MXR designed it to have a completely analog path based on bucket brigade technology, but miniaturized to fit into a regular sized pedal. The result is a compact and intuitive pedal that provides convincing and impressive delay sounds that users and delay pedal reviews agree to. For those working on a tight budget, this is a great deal. Retail Price: $120. Get the latest price & reviews at

Digital Delay Pedals

Digital Delay pedals utilize the latest in digital sound processing technology to produce transparent sounding delays, and mimic other delay units. With digital delays, you have the versatility to conjure popular delay pedals of the past including analog and older tape head echoes. Their versatility and reliability make them very useful for guitarists that play in a range of different styles.

Vox DelayLab
Vox DelayLab

The Vox DelayLab is currently the most versatile delay pedal in the market, it has 30 delay types that convincingly cover everything from vintage tape echos to modern delays. The pedal also lets you tweak and save up to 30 delay settings into presets. Brave and experimental players will find the dual delay and distortion delay effects amusing. The DelayLab pedal also comes with a 28 second stereo looper that lets you mix loop and delay effects simultaneously for creating out-of-this-world delay textures. If you are not easily satisfied and you want to get the most delay in a single box, get the Vox DelayLab. Retail Price: $230.
Get the latest price & reviews at

Eventide TimeFactor Twin Delay
Eventide TimeFactor Twin Delay

If you are not familiar with Eventide, then maybe you are familiar with the guitarists that use their effects - Jimmy Page, Frank Zappa, Brian May, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, just to name a few. The Eventide TimeFactor gives you gain access to nine of the best artist-approved delay effects in one compact pedal. To better utilize these studio-quality delays, the pedal comes with 10 control knobs, letting you easily tweak and edit your sound in real time. Other features include Tap tempo, Looper, MIDI, external footswitch and expression pedal connectivity. If you want to play with what the big boys use, then save up for this delay pedal. Retail Price: $399. Get the latest price & reviews at

DigiTech TimeBender
DigiTech TimeBender

Aside from its multi-delay feature (10 delay types), this digital delay pedal stays true to its name, giving you the flexibility to bend time. By using the TimeBender's reverse and time warp effect, you can literally bend the delay time to create unique and inspiring delay textures. All the ten delay types feature full-time tone control, modulation, multiplier, tap tempo and repeat ping-pong patterns. Its like having a rack of delay effects for the price of a regular stompbox. If budget is tight and you're looking for a fun delay pedal, then you should get the DigiTech TimeBender. Retail Price: $150. Get the latest price & reviews at

Line 6 DL4
Line 6 DL4

As expected from a pedal designed by Line 6, this pedal offers a wide range of delay models. You get various types of tube and tape echoes that come with adjustable wow and flutter, as well as modern clean sounding echoes and reverse delay. As soon as you pick which delay works for your song, you can easily tweak the sound to taste, thanks to its intuitive interface. With added features like a 14 second loop sampler, 800ms pre-delay, halfspeed and overdubbing, this is simply a great tool kit for anyone that wants to sculpt great sounding delay tones. Retail Price: $250. Get the latest price & reviews at

DigiTech DL-8 HardWire
DigiTech DL-8 HardWire

With the DL-8 HardWire, DigiTech tried to pack in as many delay control and features as they can into a compact regular sized pedal. They made the DL-8 an impressively versatile delay pedal that can fit easily into any pedalboard. You get the bread and butter features like analog, slapback, lo-fi and tape, and they add in fun extras like reverse, modulation and looping. For its size, the pedal surprisingly lets you deeply customize the delay effect, with the ability to tweak the delay time from 150ms to 8 sec, turn the delay tails on or off, and to lock the knobs during performance. If you need a versatile delay pedal but you have minimal space, then this is for you. Retail Price: $136. Get the latest price & reviews at

TC Electronics FlashBack Delay
TC Electronics FlashBack Delay

The TC Electronic FlashBack Delay is a popular delay pedal that features the TonePrint technology. The technology gives you easy access to a wide variety of artist designed patches, giving you a multitude of great sounding and useful delay tones. You can even load the patches to the pedal wirelessly! Aside from that nifty technology, the pedal comes with 11 delay types including a looper, stereo in/out, true bypass, spillover control and many more. This is a great delay pedal if you are trying to close to your favorite' artist sound, you can also use the professionally made settings as basis for finding your own sound. Retail Price: $152. Get the latest price & reviews at

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay
Boss DD-7 Digital Delay

Aside from being reliable and good sounding, Boss pedals are sought after because their designs are constantly being improved upon. Case in point is the Boss DD-7 Digital delay, even though the previous models were selling like hotcakes, it was still redesigned to accommodate new functions along with the best features found on the previous models. Modulation, Analog Delay mode, External pedal control options, longer delay time are just a few of its notable features. Just like other boss pedals, all these features are shrunk to fit inside a sturdy and compact pedal. Getting a DD-7 pedal is also easy to use, which when combined with its flexibility and durability, makes it an easy choice for those that want to play it safe. Retail Price: $147. Get the latest price & reviews at

T-Rex Engineering Duck Tail
T-Rex Engineering Duck Tail

The Duck Tail Delay Pedal may look like a typical analog clone pedal, but looking at it more closely will reveal its unique feature - duck mode. This mode is unique because it adjusts to your playing - it automatically reduces the delay signal when you strike the strings, and increases the delay signals as you stop. This gives you the freedom to play without having to worry about when or where to engage the pedal, subtly highlighting your playing and adding delays right where you need it. That feature is quite amazing on itself, but it doesn't stop there, it also has tape and classic modes for emulating conventional delay pedals. Retail Price: $300. Get the latest price & reviews at

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Duck tails

The Line 6 DL4 also has a Ducking Delay as well as autoswell which is great for slow songs. Get the continuous controller pedal, if you really want to take advantage of the DL4. My only problem with the DL4 is that you can only set 3 presets. Don't fall for the Mod to have 6 presets as it is using the 2nd setting the control Pedal fades into.

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