Eight Cool 8 String Guitars

If 6 strings are not enough and 7 strings barely satisfy then check out these eight cool 8 string guitars.

We have come up with a list of 8 String guitars that will surely take your music beyond the 7th heaven. You can compare specs, performance, and the most superficially important aspect of all - cool looks.

In the past, 8 string guitars were rare and expensive because they were only available via custom shops. Thankfully guitar manufacturers have caught the 8 string fever, thus producing a wide variety of affordable and mass produced 8 string guitars for us to choose from.

The Default tuning for an eight string guitar is F# / B / E / A / D / G / B / E.

8 string guitars are enjoying a resurgence thanks to popular metal bands like Deftones, Animals as Leaders, Meshuggah among many others. They utilize the extended bass range of the eight string guitar to produce the signature low "chug" rhythm sounds of modern metal. Jazz artists like Charlie Hunter, Terje Rypdalwere and others also loved the one man band capabilities of the 8 string and were some of the first to showcase the 8 string guitar's potential.

Ibanez RG2228

Ibanez RG2228 came out in March of 2007 and is considered as the first ever mass produced 8 string electric guitar. Years later, The RG2228 is as cool as ever, still one of the most sought after mass produced 8 string guitars. It features a basswood body coupled with a 5 pc Maple/Wenge neck and sporting the same quality as other Ibanez RG Premium series guitars. Necks are as thin as ever giving you the ability to smoothly run through the rosewood fretboard. Electronics include the EMG808 which became the standard pickup among 8 string guitars. The Ibanez RG2228 retails at $2099.99. For the complete specifications, visit Ibanez.

Novax Charlie Hunter Semi-hollow Body 8-string

Charlie Hunter Semi-hollow Body 8-string
Novax Charlie Hunter Semi-hollow Body 8-string

This is a fine instrument from Novax, who together with Charlie Hunter decided to be cool and explored the possibilities of guitar music beyond the 6 string norm. First thing you will notice is the Novax patented Fanned Fret system, which is designed to provide accurate intonation per fret. Another distinctive feature of this 8 string guitar is its chambered mahogany body, which combined with a spruce top provides rounder more acoustic tones in a sturdy semi hollow build. It is designed for Charlie's solo jazz playing style but is in no way limited to that genre. The Novax Charlie Hunter Semi-hollow Body 8-string is priced at $4300. Visit Novaxguitars for more information.

Agile Interceptor Pro 828

Agile Interceptor Pro 828
Agile Interceptor Pro 828

Agile is mostly known for their budget Korean-made 8 string electric guitars. Agile guitars provide cool specs at an affordable price. You get an archtop mahogany body, with a 5 piece maple/walnut neck-thru body design, which if found on other brands will cost you an arm and a leg. Hardware includes USA Made Kahler Tremolo and EMG 808 Pickups which again are normally found on the high end spectrum of 8 string guitars. The Interceptor Pro 828 is priced at $1,195. For detailed specifications and to check out other budget friendly eight string electric guitars, visit Rondomusic.

Carvin DC800

Carvin DC800 8 String Guitar
Carvin DC800

The 8 string Carvin DC800 is more than just a guitar with added strings, it was redesigned by Carvin from the ground up to give you flexible options in building a cool 8 string guitar to match your preferred specs. The default configuration features an alder body and a maple neck, which is conjoined via a neck through design for better sustain. It is equipped with a hardtail bridge that feeds through the body, Sperzel Locking tuners and Carvin's A80 humbuckers. For customization, you can play with the online guitar builder to specify the wood, hardware and finish that you prefer. Visit Carvin for more information.



The LTD FM408 is an 8 string guitar that maintains a standard 25.5" scale. This is cool because the string placement feels much like your standard six string guitar which gives you an easier time transitioning from 6 string to 8 string playing. It has a maple neck-through construction for increased sustain and has a basswood body at its core. Other features include Hipshot fixed bridge, EMG808 pickups and Grover tuners. You can get one online for a low price of $725. For complete specs and details visit ESP Guitars.

Ibanez RGA8

The RGA8 features a carved top mahogany for playing comfort and to produce unique warmer tones. Just like its brother the RG2228, it features fast distinctive Ibanez thin necks for effortless playing. It has a 27" scale which better facilitates the lower tunings of modern rock styles. The RGA8 is equipped with Ibanez own LZ8 pickups, specially designed for 8 string guitars with a wider magnetic field for producing fat and tight sounds. The active circuitry includes a cool mid-scoop toggle switch for instant tonal variety. The Ibanez RG8 sells for $799.99 online. Get the latest price & reviews at Amazon.com.

Schecter Omen-8

Among these cool bunch of 8 string guitars, the Omen-8 is the most affordable. For a mere $399.99, you can start playing a real full featured eight string electric guitar. It has all the important features found on other expensive 8 string guitars. It has a basswood body with 6 bolt maple neck joint, 24 fret rosewood fretboard, CTM-8 bridge and Schecter Diamond Plus pickups. The Shecter Omen-8 has a scale of 26.5" and is designed for drop tunings and crunchy leads. This is an affordable workhorse 8 string guitar for those that love to punish their guitars night after night. Visit Shecter Guitars for the complete specs and details. Get the latest price & reviews at Amazon.com.

Taylor Baritone 8-String Guitar

The Baritone 8-string from Taylor is a cool departure from the other electric guitars on the list. It features a unique voicing that complements the baritone's lower tonal range by adding two octave strings with the third and fourth string. This essentially makes this guitar a "partial" or semi-12 string. The added strings give you a touch of upper octave brightness without a 12 string guitar's excessive jangle. What you get is an acoustic guitar with a wider tonal range which will work well with solo arrangements and walking bass lines. The Taylor Baritone 8 String Guitar has a Sitka Spruce top and employs Indian Rosewood for its sides and back. This guitar is currently priced at $3,199.00. Get the latest price & reviews at Amazon.com.

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Agile 8 string

Nice article, we did a review of the Agile 8 string lines http://www.agileguitars.org/agile-8-string-guitars/

Agile Guitars

Big fan of the Agile guitars also. This is a great article going over all the different guitar brands making 8 strings out there. We did an article about all the different Agile 8 string models that are offered at http://electricguitarcity.com/agile-8-string-guitars

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