Try a Guitar Headphone Amp – They’re best for practicing quietly.

Here are some of the best Headphone Guitar Amps, that will let you silently practice with great tones and portability.


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Guitar headphone amplifiers come in various shapes and sizes. The smaller and affordable headphone amps are currently popular, especially the bug shaped amps that you simply plug into your guitar without any cables.

Features and tones also vary, from simple transparent headphone amps, to amp simulators to artist signature tones, and some take it to the extreme with multi-amp simulators and multi-effects built-in. Our report will help you buy the one that suits your budget, style and need.

You will need a set of headphones to use most of these so we recommend you also look at this guide to The Best Closed-Back Headphones.

Vox Amplug AC30 G2

Vox Amplug AC30 G2

The Vox Amplug series is an easy favorite among many guitar players. It fits big and popular guitar amp tones into a compact amp where you can plug your earphones or headphones. The best thing about this headphone amp is its small size which easily attaches to your guitar. Vox Amplug Generation 2 comes in various tone flavors which include metal, classic rock, AC30 and there's even one for bass. Additional information is available at Vox Amps.
Retail Price: $39.99 - See the latest reviews and prices at

Line 6 Pocket POD

Line 6 Pocket POD

Line 6 is popular for their amp modeling, and the 32 classic and modern amp sounds on the Pocket POD will not disappoint. You also get 16 cab models and 16 effects that you can use to create your perfect practice tone. Its best feature is its huge library of factory and custom presets, where you can surely find tones to suit your needs and style. In-depth tone shaping controls are also available via USB connection. We highly recommend that you check the Pocket POD out at Line 6.
Retail Price: $129.99 - See the latest reviews and prices at

Pocket Rockit V2 Guitar Headphone Amp

Pocket Rockit V2 Guitar Headphone Amp

The Pocket Rockit V2 Guitar Headphone Amp from C-Tech is a full featured compact headphone amplifier. It comes with 6 emulated tube amp tones, 4 digital effects, a digital tuner, click track metronome and even has some cool voice prompts. You get emulated models of vintage and modern amplifiers along with 2 simultaneous effects. It is compact and comes in a unique shape that you can easily plug straight into your guitar. Check out all the details and included accessories at Pocket Rockit.
Retail Price: $87.99

Vox amPhone Headphones

Vox amPhone Bass Active Guitar Headphones

Vox took the guitar headphone amplifier concept to the next level with the amPhones series, these seemingly regular headphones come with a built-in preamp that brings out a specific amplifier voice! The Bass model will let you dial in the bass amp tones right on your headphones, and it even comes with essential effects like compressor and boost. This one works well with both bass and guitars, and since it has more low end, it can even handle acoustic instruments. Aux input and 16 hours of battery life round up its impressive features. Check out the full details at Vox Amps.
Retail Price: $99.99 - See the latest reviews and prices at

Behringer V-Amp 3

Behringer V-Amp 3

Behringer knows how to keep their competition on their toes, and they do so by providing affordable alternatives to what is already available in the market. The Virtual Amplification or V-Amp 3 is one such example, a pocket amp and effects modeler with over 30 amp models, 16 effects, 15 cabinet simulations and 125 presets. It is essentially a multi-effect pedal in a pocket friendly format, allowing for a wide variety of tones that can keep up with whatever track you are jamming with or guitar riffs that you are working on. The V-Amp 3 also doubles as a latency free USB audio interface, allowing for quick and quality guitar recordings. For further details and the V-Amp 3's complete specifications, visit Behringer.
Retail Price: $99.99 - See the latest reviews and prices at

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