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Guitar Amp Guide

Guitar Amps

Here are a range of Guitar Amp Resources on and other sites. This menu provides links to the most important information on amplifier care, specific amp models, and the very best guitar amps available today.

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Guitar Amps

Supro 1610RT Comet All-Tube Combo Amplifier

Supro unveils new compact combo amplifier with all-tube design, featuring switchable power and tube driven tremolo and reverb.

AER Compact TE – Tommy Emmanuel Signature Amp

Tommy Emmanuel officially joins the AER fold with new signature acoustic guitar amplifier.

Boss Katana Amplifiers

Multi-channel solid-state amplifiers from Boss with built-in effects.

Schertler Unico Acoustic Amplifier

2-Way Bi-amplified acoustic amplifier with 5 inputs and 5 channels.

Fender The Edge Deluxe Combo Amplifier

Hand-wired all-tube 12W combo amplifier co-designed by U2 guitarist The Edge.

Dr. Z DB4 Amplifier – Co-Designed by Brad Paisley

Boutique all-tube amplifier with that features versatile and beefier British tones, co-designed by popular guitarist Brad Paisley

Taurus Stomp-Head 5.CE

Taurus Amplification introduces its latest 3-channel 90W guitar amplifier in pedal format

Orange 10th Anniversary Tiny Terror Half Stack

Orange releases limited run 10th Anniversary Tiny Terror Half Stock dubbed as the “Shiny Terror”, featuring point to point wiring and special cosmetics.

Roland JC-40

A 40 Watt stereo speaker combo amplifier released in celebration of the Jazz Chorus series’ 40th anniversary.

EVH 5150III 15W LBX Head

A 15 Watt lunchbox amp head version of the popular EVH 5150, with two switchable channels.

Orange Micro Dark

Compact 20W hybrid tube-solidstate amp head meant for high-gain tones.

Blues City Music 10th Anniversary Soldano 44

Compact 50 Watt 1×12″ tube amp with SLO-100 crunch channel, exclusive for Blues City Music.

Port City Merino Combo Amplifier

New 10 Watt hand-built tube amp from Port City, featuring old school tweed like tones and looks.

Peavey 6505 MH Micro Head

A 20 Watt compact and portable version of the popular Peavey 6505 amp.

Henriksen The Bud Amp

Multipurpose 2-channel amp that can handle both electric and acoustic guitars, as well as different types of microphones.

MOD Kits DIY MOD102+ Tube Amp Kit

The new MOD102+ kit will let you build your own tube amp head and customize it to your preference.

Marshall Astoria Series

Three new hand-built tube amplifiers from Marshal, wrapped in retro-style cosmetics.

Schertler Giulia Y Acoustic Amplifier

New 2-channel compact bi-amplified acoustic amplifier from Schertler.

Vox AC10C1 10-Watt Tube Amp

The short lived Vox AC10 10-watt combo amp from the ’60s is making a 2015 comeback.

EVH 5150IIIS Stealth

Turbo-charged limited edition version of the popular EVH 5150III amplifier, currently used by Eddie Van Halen on tour.

Bugera T50 Infinium Tube Amplifier

50 Watt amp head with two channels and long lasting tube operation.

Tanglewood T3 Acoustic Amplifier

New 30 Watt combo amplifier for acoustic instruments from Tanglewood guitars.


Line 6 unveils the newest iteration of AMPLIFi, now in a compact, portable and desktop friendly format.

Vox Mini5 Rhythm IV

Vox’s battery powered amp line now available in ivory finish, with built-in amp modeling, effects and rhythm patterns.

Blackstar Fly 3

Battery powered 3 Watt combo amplifier with ISF tone shaping technology and built-in delay.

PRS Archon 25

Compact 25 Watt high-gain combo amp from PRS.

EVH 5150 III 1×12 50W Combo

1×12 combo amplifier from the popular EVH 5150 III amp line.

TC Electronic BH800 Bass Amp Head

TonePrint equipped portable amp with 800 watts of power.

Mesa/Boogie Mark Five 25

Compact 25 Watt amp head with six different modes that offer distinct voices.

Fender ’68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb

Fender Guitars introduce the Vintage Modified version of the “silver-face” ’68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb.

Ampeg BA-112 and BA-115 Combo Bass Amps

Redesigned BA-112 and BA-115 combo bass amps now shipping worldwide.

PRS Archon 50 High-Gain Tube Amp

The smaller sibling of the high-gain amp Archon, with switchable 50 and 25 watt operation.

Vox Night Train NT15C1-CL

A classic looking version of the 15 Watt all-tube combo amp from the Night Train series.

Vox AC4C1-12 Mini Tube Combo Amp

Compact 4-Watt all-tube combo amp with a 12″ Celestion speaker from Vox.

Roland Blues Cube Stage

60 Watt blues-friendly 1×12 combo amp from Roland.

Roland Cube-10GX Amplifier

New 10 Watt combo amp with amp modeling and built-in recording capabilities.

Dean Markley Tube Amps – CD60 and CD30

Previously available as limited runs, the CD60 and CD30 are now part of Dean Markley’s regular product offerings.

Epiphone 75th Anniversary “1939” Century Amp

Limited run reproduction of the 1939 Electar Century amp with modern 18W all-tube circuitry.

Peavey ValveKing II Tube Amps

New generation affordable tube amps with built-in attenuator, amp class switcher, USB out, and tube status indicator.

BluGuitar Amp1

100 Watt guitar amplifier that comes in the form of a compact stompbox.

Schertler Bass Fidelity Amps

Schertler officially enters the world of electric instrument amplification with the new Bass Fidelity Amps.

Orange Limited Edition White Amps & Cabs

Limited edition white Rockerverb, Thunderverb and Orange speaker enclosures are scheduled for release this April.

Marshall 1962HW Handwired Bluesbreaker

A handwired recreation of the first production line of the Series II 1962 all-valve 2×12″ combo, as popularized by Eric Clapton.

Blackstar ID:Core

Blackstar’s entry level two-speaker combo amp series with built-in DSP and USB recording.

Orange OB1-K Bass Amp

New rack-friendly bass amp head with bi-amp circuitry.

Bugera G5 Infinium Tube amp

Bugera unveils a versatile hand-built amp head designed for studio recording use.

Vox SoundBox Mini

A portable multi-purpose battery-powered amplifier with a retro-inspired cassette tape recorder look.

Orange Dual Dark Amplifier Series

A dual channel amp head that is said to offer the highest levels of gain from Orange!

Line 6 AMPLIFi

New multi-purpose amplifier that can double as a wireless Bluetooth speaker!

Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb Head

Now get the popular Deluxe Reverb combo sound in a special reproduction amp head model.

Fender Pawn Shop Special Vaporizer

A retro-inspired 12 Watt tube amplifier in a 2×10 combo format.

PRS Archon – High-Gain Amp

New high-gain 100W/50W tube amplifier head from Paul Reed Smith.

Mesa Boogie King Snake Limited Edition Amplifier

1×12 combo amplifier based on the Boogie Mark I amp that Santana used in the early ’70s.

Koch Jupiter 212 Combo Amplifier

2×12 combo amplifier from Koch, with built-in reverb and power attenuator.

Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25

New versatile tube amp with built-in reverb and multi-watt switching.

Fender Pawn Shop Special Ramparte

A 2-channel 9-Watt amp with a two-tone chocolate and copper fabric exterior that feature elegant details.

PRS David Grissom Custom Amplifiers and Cabinet

30 Watt and 50 Watt signature amps, plus a 2×12 cabinet for long time PRS collaborator David Grissom.

Budda AS Preceptor

A 120 Watt, three-channel, tube amp designed for Testament’s multi-faceted axe man.

Budda Bully Guitar Amp Head

A high-gain amp with three completely independent channels, featuring PowerPan for adjusting rectification.

Ampeg V-4B All-Tube Bass Head

A 100W bass amp head with 8 tubes, based on the original, which was first released in 1971.

Ultrasound CP100 Acoustic Amp

A 2-channel 100-watt amp designed specifically for acoustic instruments.

Roland Cube GX Amps

Roland upgrades the their popular portable amp series with more COSM amps and effects, and iOS connectivity.

Vox Mini3 G2 Portable Modeling Amp

Vox enhances their line of battery powered portable amps, now featuring upgraded effects and circuitry.

Schertler Jam Acoustic Amps

New amplifiers from Schertler with built-in mixer and reverb, available in 100, 150 and 400 watt formats.

New Crush Amps from Orange

These are the first solid-state professional amps to be launched by Orange since the late ’70s.

Vox AC30C2X

This is the modern recreation of the famous AC30 – a great amp for many styles and especially for playing the blues.

Peavey Classic 30/112

Three 12AX7 and four EL84 tubes – need we say more?

Schertler Giulia Acoustic Amp

Schertler expands on their Classic acoustic amplifier series with the compact and versatile Giulia amplifier.

Laney TI15-112 Tony Iommi Signature

A compact combo tube amp that produces high-gain tones that are approved by the iconic guitarist of Black Sabbath.

Fender ’57 Bandmaster Amplifier

Fender studied various vintage late ’50s Bandmaster amps and came up with the their latest re-issue, the ’57 Bandmaster Amplifier.

NAMM 2013 – 3rd Gen Orange OPC

The upgraded Orange Personal Computer now comes with 3rd Gen Intel i7 and 16GB of RAM, ready for testing at the coming NAMM 2013.

Kemper Profiler PowerRack and Profiler Rack

The newly repackaged Kemper Profiler Rack and PowerRack is “ready to rumble” at the coming 2013 NAMM Show.

Orange OR100

In time for Winter NAMM 2013, Orange Amplification introduces their latest top-of-the-line model, the twin channel amplifier OR100.

Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker

If you are tired of the “glassy” Texas style blues tones, and you prefer the fatter and “crunchy” British blues variety, then check out the Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker.

Fender Hot Rod Blues Junior III Amplifier

The Fender Hot Rod Blues Junior III brings the elegant look and classic tones of Fender amps in a modern, compact and affordable package.

Fender ’65 Super Reverb FSR Guitar Amp

The limited edition Fender ’65 Super Reverb is a perfect example of why Fender rules the blues demographic – featuring dynamic and powerful tones paired with elegant and impressive looks.

John Lennon Signature Artist Series Amplifier by Fargen

Fargen Amplification launches the limited edition John Lennon Artist Series Amplifier, highlighting Lennon’s art and tone.

Taurus Stomp-Head 4.High Gain

Taurus amps ups the distortion of their lightweight and portable floor-based amplifier and labels it the Stomp-Head 4.High Gain.

Kemper Profiling Amplifier v1.5 Update

Kemper recently released the 1.5 update for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier, now with “CabDriver” for playing through standard guitar cabinets.

Fargen Micro Plex Amp

Fargen Amplification introduces their compact, entry-level boutique tube amplifier, the 5 Watt Micro Plex Amp.

Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker Guitar Amp

This is currently one of the best Marshall amps for playing blues.

Luna Guitar Suitcase Amp

Luna introduces the Guitar Suitcase Amp, a portable 5 watt guitar amplifier housed in a cabinet that looks like a suitcase.

Milbert GAGA D-30 Amplifier

Milbert Amplifiers introduces the GAGA D-30, a 30 Watt amp with auto-biasing, auto-impedance and adjustable headroom.

Port City Sterling Amplifier

Port City Amps introduces the Sterling amplifier, a 50-watt, hand-wired British tone flavored amplifier.

Fender GB Hot Rod Deluxe – George Benson Signature Amp

Fender releases the GB Hot Rod Deluxe Combo amp, a signature amp that bears George Benson’s seal of approval.

Fender Vibro-King 20th Anniversary Edition

Fender introduces the Vibro-King 20th Anniversary Edition amplifier, celebrating two decades of hand-wired all-tube design.

Roland Mobile AC – Acoustic Chorus Amp

The Roland Mobile AC is the smallest amplifier in Roland’s Acoustic Chorus series, it is a portable three channel amp for acoustic guitars.

Fender Machete Amps and Cabinets

Fender enters into the high gain amplifier arena with their high-end twin channel Machete Amplifiers and matching Speaker Cabinets.

Marshall 2012 DSL Series Tube Amps

Marshall introduces 4 new all-tube Dual Super Lead (DSL) Series amplifiers, based on the JCM2000 DSL100 head.

ZT Junior Amp

The ZT Lunchbox Junior Amp is a small but capable workhorse amplifier that weighs in at just 5 lbs.

Peavey Nano Vypyr Portable Modeling Amp

Bring your favorite modeled amps anywhere with the battery powered Peavey Nano Vypyr, carrying 11 amp models and a variety of effects.

Kemper Profiling Amplifier v1.1 Firmware Update

The version 1.1 update for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier adds 50 amp profiles and 8 new effects to its already impressive collection.

Blackstar Gus G. Blackfire 200 Amp

2012 Summer NAMM: Blackstar unveils their first signature amplifier – the Gus G. Black Fire 200 high gain amp.

Fishman Loudbox Performer Amplifier

Fishman re-introduces their Loudbox Performer Amplifier, now with more power, better features and bass response in a lighter cabinet.

TC Electronic BH250 Amp Head with TonePrint

The BH250 is a powerful and compact amp head designed for bassists, featuring TC Electronic’s TonePrint technology.

3rd Power RPO100 Tube Amplifier

3rd Power Amplification introduces the RPO100 Tube Amp, a hand-wired amplifier designed to help rock guitarists cut through the mix.

Randall Satan – Ola Englund Signature Amp

Randall, Mike Fortin and Ola Englund came up with a prototype of the soon to be released Randall Satan amplifier.

TC Electronic BG250 Bass Combo

The BG250 Bass Combo is a lightweight amplifier with 1×15″ speakers that features TC Electronic’s TonePrint Technology.

Peavey 6505 20th Anniversary

Peavey celebrates 20 years of the hard hitting 6505 guitar amplifier, a popular amp of choice used in modern metal music.

Port City Pearl Combo Amp with Reverb

Pearl Combo is a handmade amp by Port City Amplification, designed to provide transparent and clear tube tones.

Milbert GAGA D-60

The Milbert GAGA D-60 is a lightweight 60W tube guitar amplifier with a wide range of modern functionality.

EBS Session 30 Bass Combo Amp

This is the smaller brother to the EBS 60 and 120W Session Combo models..

Fender Pawn Shop Special Amps

Fender has come up with a charming and unconventional take on vintage tube amp design with the Fender Pawn Shop Special Amps.

Fender Super Champ X2

The Fender Super Champ X2 is available as a combo amp or as an amp head (X2 HD) with its own matching Speaker Enclosure SC112.

Aguilar Tone Hammer 350 Bass Amp

By using the same preamp used in the Tone Hammer D.I./Preamp pedal, it retains the big distinctive Aguilar sound in a smaller, lighter and affordable package.

Orange OR50H and OR15H

Orange Amplification brings back the limited edition OR50H amp and launches an alternative 15watt version, the OR15H.

Orange Amps #4 Jim Root Terror

Jim Root’s new Terror Head is modelled on the dirty channel of the Orange Rockerverb 100 – to produce an all-tube 15 watt amp.

Mack Gem

The Gem produces rich, Class A, boutique tone and features configurable gain stages and new power switching technology — all in a tiny (8″ x 5-½” x 4″), 4 lb package that’s small enough to stow in a carry-on bag.

Peavey 5150 II

When it was announced that Peavey and Eddie Van Halen had teamed up again to whip up a brand new 5150 amplifier, guitar fans worldwide were clamouring to get a peek.

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