2011 NAMM – Leonardo Da Vinci’s Guitar from Martin (Video from NAMM)

C. F. Martin & Co. and presented their 1,500,000th guitar at Winter NAMM in Anaheim – they call it the “Leonardo Da Vinci Mona Lisa Special Edition” in this wonderful video made just hours ago by Josh Kenson who runs the livelovemusic page on Facebook.

They say this guitar is worth over $1,000,000 – but you can’t buy it – Martin are keeping it all to themselves.

Had we known about this guitar last year it might have made Number 1, instead of Martin only making 2nd, on our Best Acoustic Guitars List.

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5 thoughts on “2011 NAMM – Leonardo Da Vinci’s Guitar from Martin (Video from NAMM)”

  1. 1.5 Millionth
    Fretted Friend

    Harvey Leach will build you the same guitar for half that price and his will fold in half for travel! Check out Harvey’s company called Voyage-Air guitar at Voyageairguitar.com

  2. re: comment

    It makes me sad seeing people like you, Emile that feel some strange urge to show off with their “faith” even here. With your poor english skills (“good thinks” “L will” “instrements” “Blees”) it looks realy pathetic.

    If you are too lazy to learn english well, perhaps praying will help?

  3. It is getting very sad when you have to be very rich man to have a guitar like a Martin or a Gibson or a Taylor you know us poorer ones do enjoy good thinks to like the Bible says you have enjoyed the good things in life so mine is coming up what are you going to have I have Jesus now and when I leave this world but if I see you in Heaven L will play for you with the instrements that God gives me and it will bring tears to your eyes Blees you and your work those guitar look very fine Emile

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