3RD Power thinks outside the box with new Guitar Amplifier System

3RD POWER Amplifications Systems has announced the release of the HLH-100 amplification system, an all-tube guitar amplification system featuring patent-pending technologies. The all-new HLH HD100 head and HLH 312 cabinet offer superior sensitivity, complex gain structure and tonal palette designed for professional touring and recording guitarists.


This quad-powered EL34 head delivers incredibly rich distortion tones and cleans up as it should with a lighter touch and a spin of your guitar’s volume knob. Patent-pending DirecDRIV technology gives you smear-free tonality of your collection of unique instruments. “The nuances of various guitar designs and pickup choices are highly articulate when playing through the HD100,” says Scott. Foot-switchable lead boost allows users to easily alternate between preset volume levels.

This system is designed to facilitate the wet/dry/wet configuration that is typically unattainable with conventional equipment due to space limitations. With three HLH 312 cabinets locked together, professional guitarists can better reproduce the tones of their recordings and invent new sounds while occupying approximately the same stage space as two conventional 4×12 cabinets. By utilizing a unique three-sided cabinet design, parallel surfaces have been reduced allowing the three 12” Celestion Vintage 30’s to perform like a single point-source with a smooth 120 degree sound field that is rich and spatially well defined without the comb-filtering associated with typical 4×12 cabinets.

HD100 head (100-watts) also features multiple speaker output jacks tapped directly from the output transformer for maximum signal delivery, a variable line output to feed line-level “finished” tone to desired effects devices, and a lead boost foot-switch jack to facilitate the front-panel controlled lead boost function.

Made in the USA, the HLH-100 system and components are available now.


HLH HD100 Head $2999

HLH 312 Cabinet (3×12 closed-back) $1599

For more information, please visit www.3rdpoweramps.com

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