Port City Amps releases the Sahana Amp

The Sahana is a single channel amp with two footswitchable gain stages. With this feature you have the flexibility of a two channel amp. From semi-clean to all out overdrive the Sahana has the ability to provide amazing tones covering many different styles.

It responds very well to the guitars volume control, and to your pick attack. The Sahana is very articulate, and sensitive to your touch. Never overly compressed or muddy. Solid state rectification keeps this amp tight, even when cranked up. Speaking of cranked up, with its master volume the Sahana sounds great to both cranked and at bedroom levels. Hand assembled and hand wired, with no compromises. Simply put the Sahana is a 45 watt tone monster.


– ¾ in. solid pine cabinet (Finger jointed) covered with heavy duty tolex covering

– Aluminum chassis

– Cliff and Switchcraft brand jacks

– Solid metal shaft Alpha potentiometers

– Dale premium metal film resistors

– Custom wound Heyboer output transformer, power transformer, and choke

– Military grade switches

– Metal footswitch included

List price: $1899

For more information, please visit www.portcityamps.com

This is a Press Release

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