V3 LED Backlighting Option from Carvin

Carvin has added an innovative new option to our V3 Series head, half-stacks and full-stacks. The new V3LED option adds style to the V3 by allowing you to assign your channels with brilliant LEDs from hot red to cool blue to warm amber or any combination up to 7 colors. The LED colors change according to how you program them when you switch channels. You can see a video demo of this new feature right here.

For the ultimate V3 upgrade, add the new V3 diamond plate grille with the V3LED option (shown above). You can order the V3LED, the V3DIA, or both. To order the V3LED and/or V3DIA, just click on the “Accessories” tab on any of the V3 product pages.

Note that the V3LED option cannot be retrofitted on V3 amps constructed prior to July 2009, and is not a user-installable item.

For more information, please visit www.carvinguitars.com

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