7 reasons to know Vic Flick (and then read his biography)

by Kaiser Nelson

As if being responsible for the famous James Bond theme twang wasn't enough, here's seven other reasons to know Vic Flick and then read his biography.         

7: His biography isn't just a list of chemicals he's taken

I waited for them, I waited patiently, they just never came. Vic Flick played guitar without turning to hardcore hallucinagens? I've obviously been reading too many rocker biographies, I've come to think that sex, drugs and rock&roll were mainstream parts of any guitarist's life. Thankfully I've been proven wrong, you can play guitar without ruining your liver, or your kidneys, or your brain…

6: You'll see a side of music they don't show on MTV

Seriously, load yourself up with anecdotes from this book. It'll make you look like you own a memorabilia store dedicated to the history of Rock. Vic was on the ground floor as the guitar grew up. He saw, if not worked with, some of the biggest names of the era in action. Not all of them are as you'd expect.

Vic Flick

5: You'll get an idea about how much work it takes to be a paid guitarist

The first thing you'll notice about Vic is that he is always working. Okay, so he's a session guitarist and that can hardly be called work. Surely doing what you love all day every day must get boring after a while? Surely? No? Apparently not.

If anybody ever tells you to get a real job, hand them this book. Anyone that doesn't understand being passionate about what you do will feel exhausted just reading about it.

4: They don't make humor like this anymore

Our generation may have invented Jackass, but that's just because all the really witty pranks were taken by Vic's lot. Even if your funny bone has been desensitised by too much YouTube, you'll appreciate the sniggeringly funny antics that Vic remembers so clearly on his book. Vic writes in an easy to understand way that shows the constant smile he has as he remembers the good old days.

3: It's an entertaining book, simple as that

This is not the funniest thing you've ever read, but it's worth it. Vic's book is simply written and easy to get through so even if you 'don't read', it's still worth reading. I boggle at how much Vic remembers in the book, I'm in my twenties and I can't remember that much detail about last year. This guy can remember why a joke he heard 40 years ago was funny.

2: His Biography is about making music, not regrets

This book is about Vic playing guitar, not about Vic getting smacked out on a tour bus surrounded by gypsies and groupies. So if you're at all interested in seeing how the industry worked over the past 40 years without the purple monsters and mystic starships, definitely pick up this book. At the very least you'll be able to argue with your hippy father that not everyone was bent during the 60s.

1: Vic got famous without reality TV

If there was only one reason you should read this book, it's to show all the posers around you that real musicians put in hard yards to get where they are. As you read through the book, you'll come to understand the incredible fraternity of musicians that guitarists are a part of. For the older guitarist, this book will bring back a flood of memories; for the younger guitarist, reading about Vic's career will give back the artistic respect stolen by Reality TV like American Idol.

Vic's the kind of guy you'd want to jam with, have a beer with or just listen to. It's worth a read.

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