AC01 Guitar Capo from Rotosound

Rotosound have launched their new spring loaded, magnesium alloy AC01 Guitar Capo, designed for one hand easy operation.

AC01 Guitar Capo

Since it is made of Magnesium alloy, the capo is light and easy to carry around. It also does not put unnecessary strain on the neck of your guitar.

It is designed so you don’t even notice any difference in weight when clipped on the neck. By squeezing the handles, you can easily clip and position the capo with just one hand anywhere on your fretboard.

The same quick and easy squeezing method applies when removing the capo which means removing and transposing your capo into other positions are very easy to implement.

AC01 Guitar Capo

The Rubber grip of the AC01 Guitar Capo combined with its shape ensures that the capo is stable. The guitar capo also gives you full control on where you want it to be positioned at.

The Rotosound AC01 Guitar Capos is an all in one capo, which will work with all types of guitar players, from occasional strummers, to flamenco masers, from folk to blues and rock. As with all Capo’s this new Rotosound model helps guitarist’s to play in a different key by adjusting the length of the fret board.

Current suggested retail price for the Rotosound AC01 Guitar Capo is at $24.95.

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