Ampeg V-4B All-Tube Bass Head

Ampeg reintroduces the V-4B Tube Bass Head, now with improved rig integration options and portability.

Ampeg V-4B

Along with this 100W re-issue bass amp, Ampeg also unveils two new bass cabinets – the SVT-212AV and SVT-112AV.

While looking for new product ideas, Ampeg and their research team realized that instead of a new product, their fans and customers actually want to bring back an old favorite from 1971. And so they worked on bringing back the V-4B with all its original specifications, while introducing some modern improvements.

The amp brings back the look of the original while infusing a bit of modern day elegance on the front panel. The amp’s unique chassis suspension, fit and finish are based on the original, albeit with some very minor differences so you can distinguish the new version from a vintage one. Cosmetics are based on Ampeg’s “Black Line”, while vintage rocker switches and classic looking knobs rounds off the amp’s retro vibe.

To give the new V-4B 100W bass head its sound, Ampeg equipped it with eight vacuum tubes. Two 12AX7 tubes drive the preamp, while the power amp section has four 6L6GC tubes. The driver section also houses two tubes, a 12AX7 and a 12AU7, which completes the impressive valve selection within the amp head.

Ampeg V-4B

For tone shaping, the amp gives you a 3-band EQ for shaping the treble, midrange and bass. The mid-range control has 3-positions designated by Ampeg for forging a variety of bass sounds. Finally the Ultra Hi/Lo boost control lets you put more emphasis on your sound when needed.

For easier integration with the many types of cabinets available, Ampeg expanded the speaker output options of the V-4B. It has three speaker outputs – 1×8 ohm, 2×4 ohm and 2×2 ohm. Other modern improvements include a Balanced direct out w/ ground lift, poweramp in and preamp out. A slave output is also provided for connecting with additional amplifiers and a -15 db input is included for instruments with active pickups.

New Bass Cabs

With a dimension of just 24x11x11 and a handling weight of 41lbs, the V-4B is a powerful and yet portable amp head. It weighs less than half of Ampeg’s SVT series amp heads.

The two new bass cabinets are designed to be a perfect match for the V-4B, SVT Pro and Portaflex Series. The SVT-212AV and SVT-112AV feature custom Eminence LF drivers and a 1″ compression driver with 3-way level control. The rugged cabinets come with vintage styling to blend well with the V-4B’s retro look. For a different look, you can avail of the optional classic black grille cloth, which is available for both cabinets.

The Ampeg V-4B Bass Head is expected to be available later this month with a retail price of 1,300. The SVT-212AV ($700) and the SVT-112AV ($500) will also be available around the same time. Visit Ampeg for more details, or go to Guitar Center or Amazon to buy the V-4B Bass Head.

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