Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton does Endorsement Deal with D’Addario

According to their press release “D’Addario is honored to announce the newest addition to its artist roster, Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton. Hamilton, known for his long-term rhythm section position in one of the biggest rock bands of all time, prefers the quality that D’Addario strings offer.”

Hamilton first started playing guitar when he was 12 and switched to bass when he was 14 to join a local band because they had an open space at that position. Hamilton was in a few bands with soon-to-be Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry and David “Pudge” Scott. One of the bands was simply called “The Jam Band”. It was at a Jam Band gig in summer 1970 at a place called “The Barn” in Sunapee, New Hampshire, that the Jam Band met Steven Tyler, and the four of them agreed to move to Boston to start a band (not yet named Aerosmith).

Tom Hamilton

Scott left the group shortly thereafter, being replaced by Tyler on drums. The three became a power trio with Hamilton on bass, Perry on guitar, and Tyler on drums and vocals. Then Ray Tabano joined and eventually Joey Kramer joined (who coined the name “Aerosmith”) in replacing Tyler on drums so he could focus on vocals. Tabano was replaced by Brad Whitford and Aerosmith was born.

For well over 30 years, Aerosmith has helped define American Rock 'n' Roll. With over 150 million albums sold, induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, countless awards (four Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, six Billboard Awards, and 12 MTV Awards), and a diehard “Blue Army” fan-base numbering in the millions worldwide, the band proves to remain monumental. Since 1972, they’ve travelled across the globe nearly 36 times and performed at two Super Bowls (reaching a combined viewing audience of nearly two billion).

“D’Addario Strings provide a tone I’m just not able to find in any other string,” states Hamilton. “I've been slamming my fingers into D'Addario Strings for years now, and will be for many more to come!”

“We are proud to announce that Aerosmith’s Tom Hamilton has joined the D’Addario family,” states Frank Aresti, D’Addario Artist Relations Manager. “Hamilton’s music is simply legendary. It’s really exciting to have one of rock and roll’s greatest bassists on our artist roster and look forward to the band’s continued success.”

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