Arnoud Faber introduces the Faber PaddleBass

Arnoud Faber has started building a newly designed bass in series: The Faber PaddleBass. It is described as a 'pragmatic bass guitar with very distinctive looks, sound and playability'. The main objectives for the design were functionality, ergonomics and sound. Compared to other designer-build basses it's quite affordable, too.

The bass is made of a single piece of mahogany and a bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, wich results in a rich sound combined with the two singlecoil pickups. The exact placement is the result of extensive testing and the addition of a series/parallel switch results in a wide and usefull range of sounds. This is further enhanced by a modified tonecontrol in the passive electronics, wich gives extended control over the high frequencies.

The eyecatching design is ergonomically clever, giving the bass exellent balance both in standing and sitting playing positions. The handy ridge on the body can be used as a thumbrest: The strings can be played over the full length of the body very easily. Furthermore, the PaddleBass is an ideal tool for hitting back flying lager in festivaltents.

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