Bias Desktop Artist Amp Match Presets

Positive Grid updates Bias Desktop with new “amp matched” presets that were personally created by popular guitarists.

Bias Desktop

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Bias Desktop

The new presets are made by well known artists that include Ola Englund, Rusty Cooley, Periphery’s Mark Holcomb and many more professional recording artists.

This update follows up on the successful release of the desktop version of Positive Grid’s amp modeling software Bias. It started out as an iOS app that gained much acclaim thanks to its uncanny ability to let you fine tune deep settings of your virtual amp models. Instead of just being an amp modeler, Bias is actually an amp “designer”.

The app has since expanded into the realm of professional desktop recording, with improved functions and more features. The premium version Bias Professional carries the most notable new feature of the software, called “amp matching”, where the software can automatically match the tones of existing amps and reproduce them in plug-in (AAX/RTAS/AU/VST) format.

These amp matched profiles are said to be the close approximations of actual tube amps, so if you have the Professional version, you can immortalize existing tube amps in digital format that you can conveniently apply to your tracks as a plug-in.

To make the software more appealing, Positive Grid has released a number of professionally captured amp matched presets for owners of Bias Desktop and Bias Professional to enjoy. All these presets we created using the same amp, cab, and mic configuration that the actual artists use in the studio for album recordings.

The new amp matched presets are now available for download via the ToneCloud virtual amp sharing platform. They are based on the following amplifiers:

  • Mesa Boogie Mark V
  • Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
  • Mesa Boogie Trieple Rectifier
  • Mesa Boogie .50 Caliber
  • Orange TH30
  • Fender Hot Rod DeVille
  • Carvin Legacy
  • Marshall Mode Four
  • Marshall 25/50
  • Fender Twin Reverb
  • Laney Ironheart
  • Laney VH100
  • Bogner Ubeschall
  • Peavey 6534

Bias Desktop is available for $99, while Bias Professional, which comes with the Amp Matching feature, is priced at $199. Visit Positive Grid for more information.

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