Positive Grid Bias for iPhone

Positive Grid finally releases the iPhone version of their amplifier “designer” app, featuring sonic improvements and ToneCloud preset sharing.

Positive Grid Bias for iPhone

This new iPhone/iPod Touch version brings follows up on the success of the original iPad version release, carrying the same in-depth tone-sculpting and amp designing features, with the advantage of being used on smaller more portable devices.

After only three months, Bias has amassed quite a number of good reviews from users as well as recommendations from high-profile players. Periphery and Trivium, along with guitar wizards Ola Englund, Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow, were all impressed with BIAS, and have since used it as their main tool to practice, songwriting, recording and even for live performances.

Now Positive Grid is capitalizing on the app’s success by releasing the much requested iPhone version. Aside from making the app fit the smaller screen, they added some nifty features to make the release of this version more exciting.

Like the original, the app carries 36 amp models that are divided into 28 guitar amps, four bass amps and four keyboard/vocal amplifiers. More importantly, the ability to personalize or build your own amp topology – the feature that put the Bias app on the map – is now designed to work properly with the smaller screen of the iPhone.

Adding to the already existing features is the new ToneCloud, a cloud-based amp preset sharing and social platform for Bias users. This feature will let you create and share your own custom amp creations with fellow musicians as well as download, like and comment on the creations of others. This new feature is meant to improve interaction between musicians, turning users into an online community that will share presets and valuable real-world experiences with the app.

According to the press release: “Guitarists and bassists will find in BIAS for iPhone an unlimited palette of tonal possibilities no matter what their musicals style are. Clean, glassy, blues, crunch, high gain, metal, bass and even acoustic amps can not only be selected, but customized to please the most demanding tone seeker. And for those looking to add realistic pedal effects to their custom amps, BIAS for iPhone can be seamlessly integrated with JamUp, Positive Grid’s powerhouse multi-effects processor, eight-track recorder and phrase sampler for guitar and bass. It can even be used with Apple GarageBand and a myriad of other audio apps using iOS7’s Inter-App Audio and Audiobus.”

Jaime Ruchman, Positive Grid Marketing Manager, summarizes: “With this new version of BIAS, musicians can own, design and share an infinite collection of highly realistic sounding amps right in their iPhones. And we know that a lot of them want to rock the stage with BIAS, so, with our upcoming BT-4 Bluetooth controller rounding out the complete product ecosystem, they’ll be ready to live the whole BIAS experience anywhere.”

In line with their iPhone app release, Positive Grid posted an interesting info-graphic that compares the iPhone 5s with the a $3,000 guitar processor. It shows how the iPhone trumps the hardware processor in many aspects.

The new Bias for iPhone app is now available at the iTunes App Store, with an introductory price of $4.99, regular price is $9.99. Go to Positive Grid for more information.

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  1. Introductory Price
    Wes Tanney

    The introductory price of $4.99, not for Canadians, it is $7.99 through itunes.ca. Another example of Apple taking advantage of foreign users….. I was going to buy it but think I will refrain until it is $4.99 for me as well…..

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