BIAS Distortion Pro Pedal

Positive Grid unveils the latest beneficiary of their Tone Matching technology, the BIAS Distortion Pro Pedal.

BIAS Distortion Pro Pedal

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This pedal carries over the same tone matching and component designing features of their popular BIAS amp technology, albeit in a compact form factor and specifically designed for distortion pedals.

Since guitarists can never have enough dirt pedals, the new BIAS Distortion Pro will be a tempting new piece of gear for many players. With its ability to “tone match” existing pedals, you can easily assimilate your favorite distortion pedals and carry them inside the unit for convenient loading whenever you need it. This means that you only need to bring this one pedal, and it will let you load up the sound of all your distortion pedals, which you can now leave inside the safety of your home.

Be it overdrive, fuzz or high-gain distortion pedals, the BIAS Distortion Pro will analyze and replicate the sound of your pedals and save their tones in your library, ready to be digitally called upon when needed – without having to worry about carrying the hardware and the multiple wires and power supply requirements that multiple dirt pedals entails.

This how Positive Grid describes the Tone Matching feature: “…it analyzes and compares your currently selected pedal and the sound of a target tube pedal. It then executes the tonal compensation and enhancements needed to make your pedal’s sound accurately match that of the target pedal. BIAS Distortion works with Positive Grid’s BIAS Pedal app for mobile and desktop to allow users to share and download their custom tones on the cloud.

As mentioned above, you are not limited to just your existing pedals, because you can download virtual pedals that were tone matched by other users via the Bias Pedal app. This expands the tone possibilities tremendously, allowing for a virtually limitless pool of tone-matched dirt pedals to choose from. Ofcourse you can also share the tones you captured or edited to others should you feel generous.

Speaking of editing, the new BIAS Distortion Pro Pedal, features the same component designing technology as BIAS amp. This means that you can virtually switch out the components of your digital dirt pedals, allowing you to customize your very own pedal, or even build one from scratch. From the transistors, to the smaller components, this pedal will let you switch and tweak the components around to your liking much like an actual pedal. You can also tweak parameters in detail including the distortion stages, input volume, gain control, pre and post EQ and many more. For starters, Positive Grid loaded the unit with hundreds of distortion pedal presets that cover virtually every music style that use distortion.

BIAS Distortion Pro Features:

  • Presets: Comes with 10 default presets and able to import new ones with BIAS Pedal app (Mac/PC/iPad)
  • Banks: Distortion Pro Pedal comes with A/B bank with total 20 presets
  • MIDI Control: Full MIDI Implementation for much more flexible control
  • Boost: Boost function with 3 different boost types, can be placed before or after the Distortion pedal.
  • True bypass: True Bypass for the pure sound quality
  • Expression Pedal: Connect with EXP. Pedal to real time control any parameter on stage
  • Software: Includes BIAS Pedal app (Mac/PC) for pedal design, preset management and remote control
  • USB connection: USB connection with PC & Mac
  • USB power supply: Able to power up the pedal with USB connection
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth connectivity for BIAS Pedal iOS
  • Tone Match: Allows to match any kind of distortion sound
  • Tonecloud: Share and download tones of distortion sound

Check out the official video demo below:

Positive Grid announced that a limited batch of BIAS Distortion Pro units will be available for pre-order on October 20 via their company website. The official public release of the pedal is scheduled to happen before this year ends. Pricing information and other details will soon be available at Positive Grid.

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