Positive Grid BIAS Rack

Positive Grid introduces the BIAS Rack, a portable, rack-mountable version of their popular digital amp modeler BIAS.

Positive Grid BIAS Rack

This new release follows after the BIAS Head, carrying over all of its features and packs them into a form factor that is easier to incorporate into existing studio and live rack gear setups.

From its initial launch as a software app that provides desktop and mobile amp modeling, Positive Grid’s BIAS have gone a long way. This is mostly thanks to their component modeling design philosophy, in which their algorithms digitally emulate actual components, rather than merely mimicking the resulting sound.

This ability to digitally reproduce the components of amplifiers resulted in not just improved modeling, but more importantly, allowed users to mix and match parts of an amplifier. This allows for deep tone shaping, which translates to more personalized tones. Because of the app’s popularity, BIAS have crossed over into the hardware realm, turning it into an actual amp-head that guitarists can pair with their favorite speaker cabinets. And this new release signifies that BIAS is not stopping with just amps, and because BIAS Rack been made to be easier to integrate into rack setups.

BIAS Rack lets you do everything that BIAS Head does, you can design your own amps, or simply download the many BIAS amp tones created by the company and other users. This can be all done via your smart phone or tablet, so searching and downloading presets from the BIAS ToneCloud is convenient and quick. In addition, Positive Grid implemented full MIDI capability, for quick integration with MIDI setups.

The company expounds, “BIAS Rack ships with BIAS Amp Pro software for Mac/PC, allowing users to accurately capture any real amp tone in the world, and load it via USB to the rack. Amp Match technology analyzes and compares a selected BIAS amp model with the sound of a target amplifier, cab, and mic. It then executes the tonal compensation and enhancements needed to make an amp model’s sound accurately match the target amplifier. BIAS Rack’s 600w gives users more headroom and cut in a live situation–all at zero latency. BIAS Rack integrates seamlessly with BIAS Amp for mobile and desktop. Users can design their custom amps in real time such as change the tube types, select their favorite preamp and power amp configuration, tone stacks, cab and speaker models, load custom impulse responses, and even freely move the microphone placement to design custom amp tones.

You can now pre-order the new BIAS Rack for $999, with an planned release in the fourth quarter of 2016. The regular retail price is expected to be $1,299. You can head over to Positive Grid for further details.

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2 thoughts on “Positive Grid BIAS Rack”

  1. Positive Grid Amps
    Dan Harper

    I recently got one of Positive Grid’s new Spark amps. Love it! Makes me want to check out some more of their line of gear. How would you compare this amp to the Spark. I realize that they are very different but how do they compare in tone?

    1. Spark amp is trash. This amp

      Spark amp is trash. This amp is bias amp 2 software it just has a physical head you can use for a live unit.

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