Bogner Helios Amplifier

In line with their 25th anniversary celebration, Bogner releases the Helios amplifier, featuring modified “Plexi” tones.

Bogner Helios

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This new amplifier head comes in either 50 or 100 watts, with both of them featuring EL34 power tubes.

The new Helios is designed by Reinhold Bogner after getting many requests for him to revisit his notes on modified Marshall tones, which contain over three decades worth of amp modification, archiving and designing experience.

These notes are said to contain a treasure trove of “aural mojo” from his clients, which include big names like Eddie Van Halen, Jerry Cantrell, George Lynch, Michael Landau, Steve Stevens and many others.

The wisdom from his notes helped Reinhold and his team come up with the Helios, featuring hand-wired turret board construction, two footswitchable channels and foot switchable FX loop/boost.

Instead of just talking about the amp and its specs, Bogner had the Helios put to its paces by guitarist Doug Rapport. Check out the detailed video that showcases the amp and the various Plexi tones that can be conjured:

After hearing a demo like that, it is easy to see how the Helios actually hit the mark in reproducing classic modified Marshall tones. It’s good that Doug went through the various stages of gain, showcasing the amp’s responsive sound when subtle to moderate gain is applied, and moving up the crunch ladder to show the amp’s hard hitting sound.

Also featured on the video is the Bogner ATMA, a smaller three channel amp (clean, crunch, solo) with three gain voicings (’60s, ’70s and ’80s). It is an 18 Watt amp that is powered by two EL84 power tubes and features a nifty power attenuator and effects loop.

The Helios 100 Watt amp head carries a tag price of $2,849, while the 50 Watt version is priced at $2549. You can visit Bogner Amplification for more information about their various amplifiers.

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