Boss Waza Craft Blues Driver BD-2W

Boss introduces the Waza Craft Special Edition Blues Driver pedal, featuring all analog circuitry and dual voicing.

Boss Waza Craft Blues Driver BD-2W

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This pedal is just one of three classic Boss pedals that have been given the “Waza Craft” treatment, which may be the company’s answer to the many boutique/modified pedals in the market.

It is no secret that some players modify their Boss pedals to get the tone that they want. And since circuit modification is not something that every guitarist can do, they often rely on boutique pedal builders. This helped pedal modification to become an industry in itself.

It seems that the company has finally taken action to compete with these modifications and boutique clones. They are basically saying that they themselves can achieve “boutique” like quality while maintaining a more reasonable price point.

There are special-edition stompboxes that offer nothing more than minor modifications, even worse are those that just make changes on the chassis. Thankfully, the changes brought about by the new Waza Craft Blues Driver is more than skin deep, with Boss redesigning the amplifier circuit to refine the original tone and at the same time expand its sonic flavors.

“Waza” is a Japanese word that means technique and art, a fitting label for the company’s premium line of redesigned pedals. Bearing the Waza Craft label, the new BD-2W pedal is basically an improved version of the original. Featuring the same characteristic tone that made the Blues Driver popular, while improving consistency and reducing unwanted sonic artifacts.

The official description says, “These pedals represent the pinnacle of BOSS design and craftsmanship, delivering exceptional tone and touch response through carefully-selected discrete analogue components, refined circuitry, and meticulous attention to detail.”

The new BD-2W Blues Driver features an all-discrete analog circuitry, and features two modes – Standard and Custom. Standard mode is the boutique take on the original tube-like tone of the Blues Driver pedal. This is designed for traditional blues players who are looking for classic tones. The Custom mode expands the tones that you can get from the pedal, it is described as having more low end emphasis and improved sustain. It is a curious modern take on the overdrive sound that made the original Blues Driver popular.

Check out the official video demo:

The Waza Craft Blues Driver BD-2W pedal is currently available for pre-order with a price tag that is $50 more than the regular version, at $149. For more information, you can head over to Boss.

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