Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz V2

Buffalo FX updates the Germanium Fuzz to version 2, featuring improved control over transistor voltage and pre-gain.

Germanium Fuzz V2

This new pedal follows up on the success of the limited edition original, and addresses some of the quirks inherent with fuzz pedals.

Like the original, the new Germanium Fuzz V2 is inspired by the iconic Fuzz Face pedal, replicating its classic sound while implementing features to correct problems and provide improved tone control.

To reproduce the classic fuzz sound of the late ’60s and ’70s, the pedal comes equipped with two gold lead NOS Texas Instrument 2N404 transistors. The 2N404 was chosen because it provides plenty of punch and it cleans up nicely as you lower the guitar volume down. These transistors are first matched for gain and selected by ear in a simulator pedal. Only those that sound good together is to be utilized on the pedal.

Steve from Buffalo FX commented: “The response to the V1 was great, everyone loved it. After they all went I was getting emails asking if I could build some more so I started looking for transistors that would work well and finally settled on the Texas 2N404’s. They have great clean-up, and plenty of punch, ideal for stage use. There are a lot of ‘warm’ fuzz’s around but they get lost in the mix easily, the V2 cuts through more.”

To work out the quirks of fluctuating ambient temperatures on fuzz pedals, Buffalo FX added external bias and pre-gain controls to the Germanium Fuzz V2. The Bias knob will let you tweak the voltage range until you get the sound that you want. Lowering the voltage will provide a more subtle, spitty and gated sound, while increasing the voltage produces fatter and more compressed fuzz sounds.

When turned clockwise, the Pre-gain knob gives you a traditional fuzz face style sound. Rolling it back slightly lets you clean up some of the loose low frequencies while still keeping the character. The more you reduce the pre-gain knob, the closer your sound gets into overdrive territory. Aside from tone shaping, this feature can also be useful when pairing the pedal with high output or active pickup equipped guitars.

This pedal comes with Vishay BC and Vishay Roederstein Capacitors with metal film resistors for low noise operation, heavy gauge cabling and Neutrik jacks. Other nifty features include top mounted jacks that will save precious pedalboard space, and a side mounted battery compartment that does not require tools.

Each Buffalo FX pedal is powder coated, screen printed and hand-wired. The Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz V2 pedal is currently priced at €150 + Shipping. You can find out more about this pedal by visiting Buffalo FX.

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