DC Voltage announces the P3 Phantom Powered Pedal System

The P3 Phantom Powered Pedal system is revolutionary new way to power almost any number of 9-volt effects pedals without the need for batteries, “wall-wart” style power supplies, extension cords, or power strips. With the P3 system, nothing is lost — a player can always turn P3 off and use their gear “stock.”

Features of the P3 system:

– No more batteries, adapters, or mess

– No alteration to audio path or tone circuitry

– Backwards compatible: a P3 pedal will work with, and power a non-P3 pedal

– Use standard stereo (TRS) cables between all P3 devices (high-quality cables recommended)

– Pedals can still be used “stock” (batteries or adapters)

The P3 system can be used in three “overlapping” ways:

– Have your pedals and/or amp(s) P3 modded at an authorized P3 modification center: DC Voltage, AnalogMan, Barber Pedals (Pedal Mod ~$65, Amp Mod ~$95)

– Buy new P3 ready amps and pedals from P3 licensed manufacturers: Fuchs Amps and Pedals (Plush), AnalogMan, and Barber Pedals (check our site as the list grows)

– Buy the P3 External Kit: A 2-piece kit comprised of the “Power Station” power supply, which is placed at, or near the amplifier, and the “Power Splitter,” which is placed with the other pedals on a pedalboard. The P3 external kit is licensed and produced by Fuchs Audio Technology as part of their Plush line of pedals (Suggested List price $TBA), allows a guitarist/musician to use P3 technology without modifying their existing amp or pedals, and will “interact” with P3 ready gear, allowing a player to integrate P3 ready gear into their rig to progressively move to an all-P3 ready set-up. Either of the two pieces contained in the kit will also be available for purchase separately.

DC Voltage sells custom P3 cabling which we highly recommend for use with all P3 products.

Features of the P3 cables include:

– Reinforced, insulated Switchcraft™ cable-ends

– High-quality studio grade Rapco/Horizon cable

– Red shrink-wrapped ends, which help the musician quickly identify P3 cables (in a gig bag, etc.)

– “Pedalboard friendly” lengths and formats

P3 amp and pedal modifications will be available early February, 2009. The P3/Plush external kit (Power Station and Power Splitter) will be available April, 2009.

For more information, please visit www.p3dals.com

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