Radial Engineering presents four new Tonebone pedals

Radial Engineering has announced the launch of four new Tonebone pedals, the London, the Hollywood, the Texas, and the Twin-City. All of the Bones features dual-mode functionality in a compact enclosure and employ standard Boss-type 9V power supply.

new Tonebone pedals

The Bones Hollywood Distortion

The Hollywood is a dual channel distortion pedal that features three drive settings for low, medium and high drive tones. At low distortion settings, the sonic signature is reminiscent of old American made amplifiers while at higher gain levels, it encompasses the type of tones reminiscent on would expect from Carlos Santana and Steve Lukather. The Hollywood is very dynamic which means that it cleans up just like a real tube amplifier when the guitar level is turned down. Each channel features separate level settings for rhythm and lead and is enhanced with a mid control called 'cut' designed to cut through the mix and increase sustain for solos. Requires standard 9V power supply.

new Tonebone pedals

The Bones London Distortion

The London follows the tradition of the British half stack by employing three gain stages to produce huge bottom end and fat sizzling tones. Even when driven to extreme, the bottom end stays clean and distinct. It features a variable drive control with independent level control on each channel for crunch rhythm and lead. A very powerful EQ, combines with the 'bite' switch that sets the overall character plus a 'kick' switch that adds midrange to produce a huge array of tones than span 40 years of British rock. Requires standard 9V power supply.

new Tonebone pedals

The Bones Texas Overdrive

The Texas is high-performance overdrive pedal that delivers 'vintage' style TS9 tones reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan all the way up to the 'metal madness' of today's extreme players. Because of the dual channel configuration, one can set the first channel for a smooth rhythm and the second to extreme scream for soloing by setting the bite switches to suit. Each channel features individual tone control and level controls. Like having two pedals in one! Requires standard 9V power supply.

new Tonebone pedals

The Bones Twin-City ABY Amp Selector

The Twin City is a superior quality ABY amp selector that allows the player to select between two amplifiers and combine them without any loss of signal or without any of the clicking or popping switch noise that is common in most pedals. This starts with Radial's unique Drag™ control load correction circuitry which counteracts the effect of the internal buffering circuit to deliver a natural tone. To eliminate buzz and hum from ground loops, output B is transformer isolated and equipped with a ground lift switch. To 'phase align' the amplifiers, output B also features a 180° polarity reverse switch. Easy to see bright LEDs make amp selection easy. Requires standard 9V power supply.

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