DigiTech Unplugged Acoustic Simulator for iStomp

DigiTech Unplugged is a downloadable e-pedal for iStomp, an acoustic simulator with built-in Lexicon Hall Reverb.

DigiTech Unplugged

With this virtual pedal loaded into your iStomp, your electric guitar sound is digitally transformed into that of an acoustic guitar.

Amps and effects modeling have been improving, thanks to technological advancements in audio manipulation. Consequently, these DSP advancements also carry over into acoustic guitar modelers like the DigiTech Unplugged e-pedal, producing good acoustic tones that can get you through your gigs without having to bring a bulky acoustic guitar for small acoustic parts.

DigiTech Unplugged utilizes Harman’s proprietary DSP algorithms that analyze and processes the audio signal of electric guitars, and then digitally transform these signals into the sonic signature of an acoustic guitar. It does this by adding in the harmonic complexity, distinctive timbres and replicating the dynamic response of an acoustic guitar.

Rob Urry, VP of Harman Professional Division, had this to say: “Many guitarists have to switch between electric and acoustic guitars during their set or rehearsals, which means they have to carry two guitars and all the related gear. Sometimes this can be impractical, especially if the musician has to change guitars quickly or if space onstage is limited. The DigiTech Unplugged Acoustic Simulator is the perfect solution – it gives guitarists an easy, affordable way to go from electric to a rich, authentic acoustic guitar sound in an instant.”

The Unplugged Acoustic Simulator gives you some tone shaping control in the form of Low and High EQ virtual knobs. You can also further enhance the sound with its built-in Lexicon Hall reverb, based on the popular reverb hardware that was used in many recordings. You can adjust the reverb effect via dedicated Reverb and Effect Level controls.

The Digitech Unplugged Acoustic Simulator joins other virtual pedals available via the Stomp Shop App. The Stomp Shop is a free iOS app that comes with two of their most free e-pedals, and allows you to purchase more than 30 downloadable stompboxes, including the Unplugged Acoustic Simulator. Once purchased, you can simply connect your iPhone or iPad into your iStomp pedal to load the virtual stompbox.

The DigiTech Unolugged Acoustic Simulator is expected to be available in September of 2012, with an introductory price of $0.99. It will be sold in its regular price of $7.99, starting October. Visit Digitech for further details.

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